These No-Carve DIY Disney Princess Pumpkins Are Straight Up Magical

We may not be able to conjure up a spell that will transform a pumpkin into a carriage, but we can transform our Halloween pumpkins into something else quite magical: Disney Princesses.

If you're looking for a creative way to make this holiday a little more enchanted, scroll below to see (and hopefully make) the most gorgeous no-carve princess pumpkins in all the land. ✨

Elsa Pumpkin

If you have a passion for jewels, glitter and Frozen, this pumpkin is meant for you. All you really need is a white pumpkin (or spray paint one yourself), adhesive rhinestones, snowflake stickers and some glitter. With a little bit of time and DIY magic, you can create a masterpiece that all of Arendelle would approve. Instructions on how to make this beauty can be found HERE.

Elsa-inspired Pumpkin

(via A Pumpkin and a Princess)


Belle Pumpkin

This Belle-inspired pumpkin is an absolute beauty. If you can pick up some gold paint, fabric and rhinestones, you're pretty much good to go. Oh, and you can't forget the rose, of course! Make this precious pumpkin by following instructions HERE.

Belle-inspired Pumpkin

(via A Pumpkin and a Princess)


Cinderella Pumpkin

We warned you that we wouldn't be able to help you transform a pumpkin into a carriage, but these pumpkins are the next best thing. Do you see the resemblance of the blue pumpkin to the beautiful gown that Cinderella wears? We're in love over here. Want to take a whack at making this on your own? Head to your nearest craft store and then follow instructions HERE.

Cinderella-inspired Pumpkin

(via My Sister's Suitcase)


Tangle-Inspired Pumpkin

If you want to keep things ultra simple, you can't go wrong with this Rapunzel pumpkin. All you really need is paint and some pink rhinestone strips. So easy, yet so cute! You can see the full instructions HERE.


(via As the Bunny Hops)


Tiana Pumpkin

Any Princess and the Frog fans in the house? If so, this adorable Tiana-inspired pumpkin will suit you perfectly. This DIY project is easy peasy. Simply paint your pumpkin yellow and then deconstruct an old Christmas decoration to create the leaf skirt. Full instructions for making the topper can be found HERE.

Tiana-inspired Pumpkin

(via As the Bunny Hops)


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