Here's the Adorable Graphic Tee You Should Wear, Based on Your Favorite Disney Princess

We don't know about you, but when it comes to the Disney princesses, we simply can't pick a favorite.

Sometimes, we're in an old-school mood and can't get enough of the classics like Snow White and Cinderella. Other times, we're all about the modern heroes, such as Raya and Merida. We love the way they all inspire us and teach us important lessons about life, love and everything in between.

Want to get a little fashion inspo from all of the Disney princesses? Keep scrolling to find out which cute graphic T-shirt you should wear, based on your fave—and it's definitely okay to have more than one!

Snow White: Poison Apple Classic T-Shirt: $18.40

Snow White may be a sweet fairytale, but we also love the darker, scarier aspects of her story, and her dealings with the Evil Queen in the form of a witch definitely fall under that category. We think the skull-shaped poison dripping over the apple is one of the most iconic pieces of imagery in all of Disney history, and love the way it looks on this T-shirt.

Snow White poison apple T-shirt

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Cinderella: Magical Coach T-Shirt: $19.76

We can't get enough of a subtle approach, and this Cinderella-inspired tee might go right under your radar if you aren't paying close attention. We adore the way this tee references the designer brand Coach while adding a whimsical touch with the pumpkin carriage and horse.

Cinderella Pumpkin Coach T-shirt

(via Laika Stores)


Aurora: Nap Queen Graphic T-Shirt: $22.99

Admit it—if your favorite princess is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, chances are that you're also a fan of catching Z's yourself. Wear it loudly and proudly on this sweet yet simple T-shirt to declare yourself the "Queen of Naps."

Sleeping beauty queen of naps T-shirt

(via Fresh Brewed Tees)


Ariel: Genuine Mermaid T-Shirt: $15.51

We've all wanted to be real-life mermaids at one point in our lives, but some of us are definitely closer than others. This shirt from the RainandPickles shop will tell everyone that you're just as comfortable in the water as you are on land, and we're big fans of the mermaid tail on the lettering, and the reference to "whosits & whatsits galore."

Genuine Mermaid T-shirt

(via Etsy)


Belle: My Weekend Is Booked Tee: $19.95

Beauty and the Beast's Belle is the bookworm of the Disney princesses, and if she's your favorite, we bet you are, too. If you've ever gotten all dressed up just to stay home and cozy up with your very favorite novel, this is a shirt you'll probably find yourself wearing at least weekly,

Beauty and the Beast My Weekend Is Booked T-shirt

(via Target)


Jasmine: Magic Carpet Airlines Shirt: $25

Few things are more magical than Jasmine's first magic carpet ride with Aladdin during "A Whole New World." This T-shirt from TheGraviteeShop on Etsy transforms the magic carpet into a fabulous airline that we only wish we could fly again and again.

Aladdin Frequent Flyer Magic Carpet T-shirt

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Pocahontas: Colors of the Wind T-Shirt: $16.79

No Disney princess is totally free and one with nature quite like Pocahontas, and "Colors of the Wind" has to be one of the most beloved princess anthems of all. If you've ever wanted to run the hidden pine trails of the forest and taste the sun-sweet berries of the earth, this is the tee for you.

pocahontas colors of the wind T-shirt

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Mulan: We Can Do It Shirt: $16.80

The "We Can Do It!" poster from the '40s is a famous and prized piece of pop culture that lifts up and empowers women, and we can't think of a Disney princess more worthy of her own version than Mulan. We think this T-shirt design from TheMouseApparel beautifully captures her spirit while reminding us we can all do it.

Mulan We Can Do It T-shirt

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Tiana: Tiana's Place T-Shirt: $28.22

In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana runs her very own New Orleans restaurant called Tiana's Place, and we think this swanky and upscale rendering of the place would make her proud. The art on this T-shirt is eye-catching with fabulous colors, and we cannot stop looking at it.

The Princess and the Frog tiana's place T-shirt

(via RedBubble)


Rapunzel: Lanterns of Hope Top: $30.58

Tangled's Rapunzel is a dreamy and adventurous heroine, so we think it's appropriate that this shirt depicting the gorgeous paper lantern scene is fit for a princess. It almost reminds us of Van Gogh'Starry Night, with gorgeous colors that are as awe-inspiring as the film itself.

Tangled flying lanterns T-shirt

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Merida: Brave Highland Games Tee: $21.99

We don't know if you've ever been to a highland games event, but they exist to celebrate Scottish and Celtic culture, including food, sporting events and bagpipe-playing. This cute shirt reimagines Merida as a participant and spokesperson in the games, put on by her royal parents, and we are obsessed.

Brave Merida Highland Games T-Shirt

(via Kohl's)


Moana: Motonui Coconut Co. Shirt: $22.50

Motonui is the fictional home island of the heroic Moana, where the local coconuts are a primary source of food and livelihood. We think this tee from EllieMaysCraftCo is such a cute representation of them—and we're sure that after all of Moana's adventures across the vast seas, she had more appreciation for her home (and its coconuts), too.

Moana Motonui Coconut T-Shirt

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Raya: Kumandra Tee: $19.98

Raya may be the newest Disney princess, but she's already developed many devoted fans who will love this moody and cool graphic tee representing the fictional land of Kumandra. We just wish we could visit in real life.

Raya and the last dragon kumandra T-shirt

(via Target)


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