If Disney Princesses Had Pokémon, These Would Be Their Teams

If Disney Princesses were Pokémon trainers, you can bet they'd be super particular about who they'd put on their teams.

Which Pokémon would make the cut? Stop wondering, because we've got the full list of princesses, and their Pokémon here, complete with illustrations.


Snow White

Snow White's Pokémon team would reflect her affinity for forest friends. Taillow could perch on her finger and whistle along as she sings, and Buneary and Pachirisu would definitely guide her to safety if she were to ever get lost in the forest.

Snow White Disney princess Pokémon: Taillow, Buneary and Pachirisu


Dedenne would be the perfect plump mouse pal to stand up for Cinderella in a pinch, and Swablu would gladly help her prep for the big day ahead. Of course, Pumpkaboo would be willing to turn into a carriage for Cinderella whenever she called for it.Cinderella Disney princess Pokémon: Dedenne, Pumpkaboo and Swablu



The sleepy Snorlax would be a vigilant guard for Aurora, waking to defend her whenever a threat arose. Hoothoot and the colorful Oricorios would also pose as a prince and inspire Aurora to chase after her dreams.

Aurora Disney princess Pokémon: Snorlax, Hoothoot and Orocorio



Ariel's Pokémon pals would have to be ones that could handle her underwater lifestyle. Krabby would provide guidance, Feebas would be her BFF, and Wingull would be her eyes in the sky (and on land) to help her learn more about the human world.

Disney princess Ariel Pokemon: Wingull, Krabby and Feebas



Only Belle would know how to tame the legendary beast Entei, but it'd be her loyal companion for the rest of time. Roselia and Litwick would always welcome Belle to be their guest.

Belle Disney princess Pokémon: Entei, Roselia and Litwick



Arcanine would be Jasmine's bestie, being there for her through her long days locked up in the palace. Sableye would be her accessorizing twin, and Thundurus could be her genie pal when things get tough.

Jasmine Disney princess Pokémon: Sableye, Thundurus and Arcanine



Pocahontas has always been one with the forest, and of course her Pokémon team would reflect that. Zigzagoon and Natu would be her racoon and hummingbird besties, and she could confide in Sudowoodo for advice anytime she's unsure which path to take.

Pocahontas Disney princess Pokémon: Sudowoodo, Zigzagoon and Natu



Mulan definitely wants a lucky cricket by her side, and Kricketot would be the perfect fit. Charmeleon could be Mulan's sassy sidekick, and Honedge could be the powerful sword that would help Mulan defend her family's name.

Mulan Disney princess Pokémon: Kricketot, Honedge and Charmeleon



Thanks to Tiana's time as a frog, she would definitely relate to Politoad on a spiritual level. Tiana's spent a lot of time by the Bayou, so she'd be right at home with Totodile, and the firefly Volbeat could light her way when things get dark.

Tiana Disney princess Pokémon: Volbeat, Politoad and Totodile



Rapunzel wouldn't be Rapunzel if her bestie wasn't a quirky chameleon, and Kecleon fits the bill perfectly. Pyroar would be her fierce hair twin, and of course Tangela could be her tangled-up spirit animal.

Rapunzel Disney princess Pokémon: Kecleon, Pyroar and Tangela



Merida's Pokémon team would be fiery, just like her personality. Vulpix would match her in nature and in vibrant red curls. Rapidash would be her blazing steed, and Teddiursa could serve as a cuddly reminder not to put curses on her family.

Merida Disney princess Pokémon: Vulpix, Rapidash and Teddiursa



Obviously, Elsa's Pokémon would need to be able to withstand below-freezing temperatures. Bergmite would be her frozen sidekick, and Glaceon could be her ice-cold style double. Anna and Kristoff would particularly get along with her winter-coat Sawsbuck.

Elsa Disney princess Pokémon: Glaceon, Sawsbuck and Bergmite



Last but not least, Moana's Pokémon team would help her journey to save her family. Lapras, known for carrying people on long journeys across oceans, would be the perfect companion. Sproink would be her adorable piggy pet, and the lumbering Exeggutor might be able to broker a truce against attacking coconut monsters.

Moana Disney princess Pokémon: Larpas, Sprink and Exeggutor


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