12 Style Tips From Your Fave Disney Princesses

Sure, Disney Princesses have taught us how to be confident in ourselves, brave in the face of danger and all that good stuff. But they also gave us some stellar style tips that everyone needs to use to literally be a princess.


Elsa from Frozen during "Let It Go"

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Like Elsa ever so clearly proves, a crown is always the perfect accessory to tie your whole look together. It also serves the purpose of reminding people they're in the presence of royalty.


Mulan style tips

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We all know Mulan is one of the boldest princesses, what with saving China and all. If you mix and match colors like her, you're sure to inherit some of her bravery. Who knows, maybe you'll end up saving the world in your mixed colored garments?


Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog working in a restaurant

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Heels are cute and all, but they are beyond uncomfortable to wear, especially when your day consists of serving delicious meals to your hungry customers much like Tiana's. So save yourself the blisters and tears and just wear flats all the time.


Rapunzel holding a flower while sitting on a rock in the middle of a lake while Flynn Ryder watches over her in the distance

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Better yet, just take a page out of Rapunzel's book and don't wear any shoes. They'll only weigh you down when you're trying to runaway from the woman who locked you in a tower for years.


Snow White having a cape pulled by birds

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Nothing lets everyone know you're the most fabulous person on the planet quite like wearing a cape. If you can pull a Snow White and have your little bird friends hold it out behind you wherever you go, you'll surely make a statement.


Cinderella 1950s cartoon

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When you can't find a hair tie to pull back your hair, a ribbon will work just as well. WHAT?! Yep, Cinderella did it, so obvi it's in no way unrealistic for us to believe that it will work for us.


Ariel using a fork to brush her hair

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No brush? No problem! Forks work just as well at detangling your hair. Right, Ariel?


Sleeping Beauty in a pink and blue dress

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Can't choose between two colors of the same dress? Obviously, you need to just get both of them. Then you can bring some dramatic flare to any party by changing your dress color every few hours like Aurora.


Jasmine from Aladdin with her tiger

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Mixing metals with your accessories is never, ever something you want to do. Instead, learn from Jasmine and make sure your metals are exact matches. Otherwise, she and her tiger Rajah will def come after you and you don't want that to happen!


Belle in her yellow ball gown holding a pink rose

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Always, always, always match the color of your accessories to the color of your outfit. Belle did it and she turned that Beast into the most handsome prince of all time. So maybe your crush will finally make his move if you color coordinate your outfits.


Pocahontas with a racoon and a humming bird

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The right belt can make or break your overall look. More often than not, you want to go with a simple belt that doesn't distract people from the beauty of your outfit, just like Pocahontas. It lets people know you ~get~ fashion, but also that you're not afraid to be a free spirit and paint with all the colors of the wind.


Merida from Brave holding her bow and arrow

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But we can all learn the most important style tip from Merida. You want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in any outfit you wear. If you have doubts about being able to hit a bullseye with your bow and arrow in your get up, you should change.


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