If Tiana Is Your Fave Disney Princess, Add These Items to Your Life ASAP

We have a strong inclination that you found your way here because you adore Tiana over the other Disney princesses.

Your dreams are about to come true, because we've found some of the cutest items that every Tiana-lover needs.

Scroll below to see these clothes, accessories and more!

Tiana-Inspired Hair Bow: $8

With its green color scheme and a dainty water lily in the center, this bow will add the perfect touch of sophistication to any hairdo you sport.

Tiana-inspired hair bow

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Tiana-Inspired Wire Minnie Mouse Ears: $28

You can't visit a Disney park without wearing your very own pair of ears. So if you love Tiana, these are the top choice.

Wire Tiana-inspired Minnie Mouse ears

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Tiana Print: $3

Whether it's hung up in your bedroom or your locker, this gorgeous print is a must-have.

Princess Tiana print from Etsy

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Tiana-Inspired Hair Ties: $2.50

No better way to keep your hair out of your face.

Tiana-inspired hair ties from Etsy

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"Fairytales Can Come True" Sweatshirt: $23.95

Because Tiana is living proof of this statement and you will be, too!

Fairytales can come true princess Tiana sweatshirt

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Handpainted Tiana-Inspired Shoes: $44

Um, these are handpainted… how? You'll surely standout wherever you go when you rock these beauties.

Princess Tiana-inspired hand-painted shoes

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Tiana-Inspired Minnie Mouse Earrings: $8.50

Earrings are a girl's best friend. And this Tiana-inspired Minnie Mouse set is a Tiana fan's bestie for sure.

Princess Tiana Minnie Mouse earrings

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Tiana-Inspired Velvet Choker: $7.77

Chokers are an accessory every girl needs, especially when they're inspired by her favorite princess.

Princess Tiana-inspired velvet choker

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Tiana-Inspired Skater Dress: $50

Now you can wear Tiana's ball gown anywhere and everywhere you go!

Princess Tiana-inspired skater dress

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"Good Things Will Come Your Way" T-Shirt: $16.99

There's no more inspiring or relatable quote from the princess than this one right here, so putting it on a shirt only makes sense.

Good things will come your way Princess Tiana shirt

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Tiana's Beignets Scented Candle: $16

If you can't eat her beignets, being taken by their delicious aroma in candle form is the next best thing.

Princess Tiana's beignets scented candle

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to make Tiana's famous beignets? We tried it ourselves and HERE is how they turned out.