These Are The Hogwarts Houses The Disney Princesses Would Be Sorted Into

The Sorting Hat has spoken and the Disney Princesses have been placed into their respective Hogwarts Houses.


Jasmine would definitely be sorted into Slytherin. She's incredibly ambitious and she even tricked Jafar into thinking she liked him so that Aladdin could ultimately defeat him. Not to mention, she looks great in green.



Merida is a Gryffindor, tried and true. She was in Brave, a movie all about her courage in the face of danger. So being sorted into Gryffindor is a no brainer.


As an avid reader, it only makes sense that Belle would be sorted into Ravenclaw. She has a fierce desire to learn and she's easily one of the smartest princesses.


Being sorted into Hufflepuff is perfect for Cinderella. She is fair and kind to everyone she encounters in her life, even her evil stepmother and stepsisters, who are some of the nastiest people we've ever met.


With the great power she holds, Elsa would make a great addition to the Slytherin house. This house is also closely associated with the element water. Elsa's powers give her the ability to freeze water, thus making her sorting into Slytherin even more sound.


MULAN SAVED ALL OF CHINA BY HERSELF!! Gryffindor is the only house for her. Enough said.


After being cooped up in a tower for way too many years, Rapunzel is ready to explore the world. Her mind is open to learning anything and everything, making her a Ravenclaw.


Those in Hufflepuff are known for their hard work and patience. Snow White was always doing her due diligence to make sure everything she cleaned was spotless. She waited for her prince to come, showing how patient she truly is.


Ariel is filled with enough ambition to win Slytherin the House Cup all on her own. She didn't let anyone prevent her from fulfilling her dream of becoming human. She literally conquered a giant sea witch to make it happen.


Pocahontas is the definition of daring. She jumps off the very top of a towering waterfall in the first few moments of us meeting her. Plus, she's friends with basically every type of animal. We can't forget to mention her bravery in standing up to her father when he wanted to end John Smith's life. Gryffindor would be lucky to house her.


Tiana was turned into a frog and somehow was able to mange that mishap with grace. With her resourcefulness and smarts, it seems that Ravenclaw is the Hogwarts house she needs to call home.


We honestly can't think of a single reason why Aurora wouldn't be in Hufflepuff. She's the type of person you want as your bestie, which is how we feel about every Hufflepuff we meet.


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