These Illustrations Of Modern-Day Disney Princesses Are Perfection

If Disney princesses existed IRL today, we can pretty much guarantee they'd be our besties. When we saw that Anoosha Syed, a totally rad illustrator of children's books, transformed some of the princesses into modern day teens, we fell in love?. The best part is that she gave them all unique jobs that fit their personalities to a T. Which modern day princess would you most likely hang out with?!

Princess: Tiana

Profession: Entrepreneur

Hang Out Spots: She'd mostly be spotted at one of her wildly popular cafe chains that she owns and runs herself (girlboss!). We'd visit Tiana anytime if that meant she would share some sweet treats with us.

Tiana As A Disney Princess Entrepreneur

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Princess: Merida

Profession: Professional Punk Rocker

Hang Out Spots: At a concert of course! She'd be our go-to friend whenever we wanted to hit up a new music scene or needed a new Spotify list to get us through a particularly long day at school?.

Merida Punk Rocker Disney Princess

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Princess: Snow White

Profession: Fashion Blogger

Hang Out Spots: At the mall or in her room creating rad fashion blog posts on all the latest celeb trends. Snow would be the girl to turn to for fashion inspo, makeup tutorials, and advice about what new beauty product to try out next. Just look at that selfie game ?:

Snow White As A Modern Disney Princess

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Princess: Ariel

Profession: Anthropologist

Hang Out Spots: Hitting up a museum, of course. Ariel would totally be your wise- beyond-her-years friend. She's smart, inquisitive and your ultimate study buddy.

Ariel The Anthropologist Disney Princess

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Princess: Pocahontas

Profession: Linguist (she works part-time as a translator)!

Hang Out Spots: The great outdoors! Pocahontas is the friend who would get you totally active. She knows better than anyone else that fresh air can fix all problems big and small.

Pocahontas The Linguist Disney Princess

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Princess: Esmeralda

Profession: Ballet dancer

Hang Out Spots: Her fave dance studio or barre class, duh. Esmeralda is your go-to friend when you need a good jam session. With her, you'll be up and jamming to your fave songs at all times.

Esmerelda As A Ballet Dancer Modern Disney Princess

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Princess: Mulan

Profession: Cadet

Hang Out Spots: Running laps at her military school's track. Whenever you need extra motivation, Mulan would be the friend to get you through. She's strong, brave and amazingly fierce. You would definitely be able to lean on her if you had a hard day.

Mulan The Cadet As A Modern Disney Princess

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Princess: Belle

Profession: A Fangirl

Hang Out Spots: The local movie theatre or library?. Belle would def be the one friend you could depend on to keep you in the know about all things pop culture. And if you're craving a good read, Belle would obviously be the first to give you recommendations. This girl is like a walking, talking encyclopedia of knowledge. Belle As A Moder Day Disney Princess Fan Girl

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Princess: Jasmine

Profession: Travel Blogger

Hang Out Spots: THE WHOLE WORLD. Jasmine wouldn't have just one hang out spot because, tbh, she wouldn't be in one place for too long. If you're looking for a spontaneous adventure or road trip, Jasmine would be your girl.

Jasmine The Travel Blogger Modern Disney Princess

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Princess: Jane

Profession: Wildlife Artist

Hang Out Spots: The zoo or at your local animal shelter. Jane is a major sucker for animals of all kinds. She'd definitely take you to an animal shelter to volunteer, and while you're there she'd even sketch a few pieces for you of the cute pups and kittens?.

Jane The Artist Modern Disney Princess

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