7 Disney Relationships That Just Wouldn't Work IRL

Let me start by saying that I am a huge Disney fan.

There's nothing better than a day spent binge-watching all the Disney classics, and each new release only reinforces my endless Disney-love.

Flynn Stares Lovingly at Rapunzel

(Tangled via Walt Disney Pictures)

Even though nothing rivals the beautiful storytelling that Disney is known for, as I've gotten older I've come to realize that most Disney relationships would literally never work. Falling in love with someone you just met is a nice idea in theory, but what about their future dreams? Their goals? For some Disney oldies, what about their personality?!

Disney has even began to laugh at itself in some of its newer releases, like Enchanted or Frozen, where both Giselle and Anna are consistently asked how they could be planning to marry someone they just met.

Keeping in theme with Disney's newer mindset, scroll below for seven Disney relationships that would just never work in real life.


1. Snow White and Her Prince

Snow White is a beautiful story of love and friendship, with so many memorable characters who immediately captured our hearts. But let me me ask you a question, how many words did Snow White and the Prince actually exchange during the course of the movie? I can tell you the answer: one. The Prince says hello to Snow White at the very beginning, and she shyly runs away and listens to a serenade about his love for her from her window. It might just be me, but I'm thinking it's not the best setup for her to leave her new family with the dwarves and run off with him at the end of the movie. Our dear Snow has already proven that she's a bit of a neat-freak, so what if the Prince has a nasty habit of leaving his socks lying around? Their total lack of knowledge about each other is not the perfect potion for a happily ever after, even if he did raise her from the dead.

Prince Holding Snow White

(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs via Walt Disney Productions)


2. Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cinderella is an iconic symbol of Disney's beloved fairytales. We have all indulged in a few daydreams about a fairy godmother that will grant all of our wishes and a Prince Charming that will search the entire kingdom just to find us. But, if we're looking at this relationship from a realistic perspective, the Prince is a bit entitled. The King throws a ball and invites all the most beautiful women in the kingdom, all so that the Prince can find a wife. He is drawn to Cinderella solely because of her astonishing beauty and learns nothing about her personality or where she comes from, which is a conversation that would have made his search for her a whole lot easier. Then, when she does run away, he doesn't even care enough to look for her himself, but instead allows the lower-level Grand Duke to do his dirty work. Cinderella may be freed from her stepmother and stepsisters, but there is very little evidence that the Prince won't be equally as demanding.

Cinderella and Prince Dancing

(Cinderella via Walt Disney Productions)


3. Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip

Sleeping Beauty was my all time favorite fairytale growing up, but can we take a second and talk about the fact that Aurora was 16? Although she admittedly seems to like the Prince, she's expected to marry him and live happily ever after and they've only ever had one conversation! Not to mention, she just found out that she's not an orphan, and is actually a princess with an entire kingdom that has been waiting for her return. Her 16-year-old self has her whole life ahead of her and an entire family to get to know! Maybe not the best time to jump head-first into a new relationship.

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Dancing

(Sleeping Beauty via Walt Disney Productions)


4. Ariel and Prince Eric

Despite the overall happy ending of The Little Mermaid, there are many red flags in this love story as well. The main problem surrounding Ariel and Eric's relationship is that Ariel is the definition of impulsive. She sees Eric one time while he is dancing on his ship and decides that he's the love of her life and she must be with him. She then drags a statue of him back to her hiding place and talks to the inanimate object more than she's ever spoken to the real Eric. After this somewhat creepy approach to her new love, she then decides to make a deal with a witch in order to meet him, and eventually changes her entire life to marry him. "But Daddy, I love him!" Girl, what could you possibly love about him? His dance moves?

Ariel and Eric Holding Hands

(The Little Mermaid via Walt Disney Pictures)


5. Jasmine and Aladdin

Unlike Disney's earlier love stories, Aladdin and Jasmine actually spend quality time together before declaring their love for one another. While I will concede that Aladdin and Jasmine are given adequate time to actually fall in love, the problem here is that Aladdin is a compulsive liar. I know, he's worried he can only be with Jasmine if he's a prince, but Jasmine confronts him about it and he continues lying! They both get a bit distracted with Jafar's attempt to seize power and kill them all, but they conveniently forget to talk about the fact that Aladdin never told the truth. If their relationship isn't founded on honesty, it's only natural to assume that there will be some problems in the future.

Jasmine and Aladdin Smiling

(Aladdin via Walt Disney Pictures)


6. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Rapunzel and Flynn's relationship is one of my favorite love stories, simply because of the way their love progresses and grows over the course of the movie. I 100% support their relationship, but by the end of the movie, did we all just forget that Flynn was a highly wanted criminal? There were posters of him all over the place and he stole some pretty important stuff over the course of his criminal career. Apparently being in love with a princess means that all of your past wrongs are completely wiped away. I'm not saying the original punishment of hanging should be kept in place, but maybe a little community service?

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Smiling

(Tangled via Walt Disney Pictures)


7. Tarzan and Jane

Looking past the fact that Tarzan was raised by monkeys and has absolutely zero knowledge of the outside world, I can still foresee a few problems in his relationship with Jane. Given her fancy dresses and her incredibly high-tech campsite, Jane strikes me as more of an indoor girl. Even though she was willing to venture into the jungle for research purposes, I don't know if I'm buying the ending scene where she's suddenly completely at peace with sliding across tree branches for a living. Love can make you do a lot of things, but will Jane really be happy with her husband, her father and some animals as her only company for the rest of her life?

Tarzan and Jane in the Trees

(Tarzan via Walt Disney Pictures)


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