Which Disney Princess Would LOVE Rachel Platten's "Fight Song"?

Sure, all of the best classic Disney characters already have amazing theme songs of their own, but what if they got a modern update? Check out which Disney favs pair perfectly with today's biggest hits!

Rachel Platten – "Fight Song"

If Mulan had an iPhone, she'd probably have "Fight Song" in her ears on repeat. Like the song suggests, she's all about taking her life into her own hands, staying strong no matter who's against her, and finding the strength and power within.

mulan fight song disney theme song

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Shawn Mendes – "Believe"

Peter Pan is all about believing. After all, magic is only real if you believe in it. If you don't let your fears hold you back, anything is possible your dreams will finally be able to take flight.

peter pan believe disney theme song

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Little Mix – "Black Magic"

The Evil Queen knows a thing or two about playing with magic and she would definitely rock out to this Little Mix track. It's all about how a little confidence can make magical changes to your life, and this queen is one of the most fierce and fabulous villains around.

evil queen snow white black magic disney theme song

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Ed Sheeran – "Photograph"

Even though Queen Elsa's theme song will always be "Let It Go," we think "Photograph" would be a close second. The song talks about the importance of cherished memories and the healing power of love, which Elsa has witnessed firsthand. And the lyrics about frozen time are too accurate.

queen elsa photograph disney theme song

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Taylor Swift – "Bad Blood"

Maleficent wouldn't be the baddie she is if she and Aurora's parents didn't have bad blood. When she's not invited to the princess's christening, she's got problems with the family that can't be solved, except with a particularly nasty curse.

maleficent bad blood disney theme song

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Alex Angelo"Turn Me Up"

Just like "Turn Me Up," Rapunzel is romantic, yet adventurous. Can't you just picture the gorgeous paper lanterns floating along to this track?

tangled turn me up disney theme song

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Sammi Sanchez – "Talk"

Ariel gave up her voice in exchange for human form, only to have it stolen by Ursula. So she definitely knows a thing or two about talk!

ariel talk disney theme song

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Sabrina Carpenter "Eyes Wide Open"

Like Sabrina Carpenter, Pocahontas has an old soul and a lively spirit. She's totally in tune with nature and the world around her and dreams for something bigger, always keeping her eyes open for the next adventure and to learn what she doesn't yet know!

pocahontas eyes wide open disney theme song

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What popular track would be your theme song? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!