We Know Which Disney Villain You Should Be For Halloween (And Exactly How To Pull It Off)!

Halloween is the one time of year you can dress up as anything you want, so why would you be something you already are, i.e. a Disney princess??It's all about showing off your evil side on Halloween, which is why going as a Disney villain is where it's at!

FUN FACT: We know just which villain you should be for Halloween AND we even have easy to follow tutorials to match. You didn't think we would leave you hanging, did you?!



This costume is for the girls who invented the word fierce and are determined to be the best at everything they do!

Maleficent Halloween costume tutorial

Here's what you need to create this costume:

  • A long black dress – Forever 21 has a dress that's $25, but it's so cute that you will not feel guilty about splurging on it!
  • A black cloak – Bless AliExpress.com because they have a cloak for, get this, $7!!!!!!
  • Black boots – You can use any black shoes you own, but something with a heel is preferred so you can stare down at all the peasants.
  • Horns – Party City has the most fab headpiece for $15.
  • Red lipstick – Target has red lipstick for $4! What a steal!
  • A scepter with a crow – You can get a replica of Maleficent's scepter and her trusty crow sidekick at Party City for $15.
  • Complete the look – Follow this tutorial from KittiesMama to nail Maleficent's makeup!



If you're obsessed with fashion and are always the life of the party, this costume is perfect for you, darling.

Cruella de Vil Halloween costume tutorial

Here's what you need to create this costume:

  • A black dress – Forever 21 has a simple black dress for $10 that is perf!
  • A faux fur coat – There are always an abundance of these at thrift stores that are far cheaper than anything you will find in a department store.
  • Red flats – You can find these at Payless for $10.
  • Long red gloves – A pair of these are on AliExpress.com for $4 — AMAZING!
  • A Dalmatian print purse – Try a thrift store first, because some old lady may have given hers away. But if you don't find one there, Etsy has some cute ones for between $5-$8.
  • A half black and half white wig – Oriental Trading Company sells one for $11, which is pretty cheap for a wig!
  • Complete the look – Charisma Star's Cruella De Vil makeup tutorial is so easy to follow and will have you looking like her twin when you're done!



If you are bold and unafraid to speak your mind, you have to go as Ursula for Halloween!

Ursula Halloween costume tutorial

Here's what you need to create this costume:

  • Ursula shirt – This shirt is the KEY item to making this costume work and you can find the shirt at Adorkable Apparel for $28.
  • A purple tutu – There's one on Etsy for $15.
  • Black flats – $15 at Target and, if you don't own a pair, you really should get some because they go with literally everything!
  • Shell earrings – Replicas of Ursula's exact earrings are on Etsy for $7.
  • A shell necklace – You need this so you can capture Ariel's voice and you can find one on Etsy for $5.
  • Red lipstick – $4 at Target!
  • Teal eyeshadow – $4 at Walmart!
  • Complete the look – We're obsessed with goldiestarling's Ursula hair and makeup tutorial! She totally nails it and she makes it so easy to follow!



Are you a natural born leader with a desire to be the fairest of them all? THIS is the costume tutorial is for you.

The Evil Queen Halloween costume tutorial

Here's what you need to create this costume:

  • A long purple dress – SheIn has a regal purple dress for just $13!
  • A purple and black cloak – You can always count on eBay for cheap steals and you can find this cloak on the site for $26, which is a bargain compared to other places who sell them for $50!!!
  • Black heels – You need heels so, again, you can stand above the peasants. If you don't own a pair, ask some of your friends if you can borrow a pair of theirs! Or you can purchase some at Target for $25.
  • A rope belt – Party City has one that The Evil Queen herself would adore for only $5!
  • A crown – You only need to spend $2 at Party City to look like a true queen!
  • An apple necklace – This is important to remind everyone who (almost) got rid of that dreadful Snow White and there's one for $2 on eBay.
  • Purple eyeshadow  – Only $4 at Target! What more could you ask for?
  • Dark red lipstick – $3 at CVS and you're good to go!
  • Complete the look – The Evil Queen will be so envious of how flawless your makeup looks after you follow ClairbellaTV's makeup tutorial.



You should be Mother Gothel for Halloween if you're a bit of a hipster who lives life to the fullest.

Mother Gothel Halloween costume tutorial

Here's what you need to create this costume:

  • A burgundy dress – $16 at Forever 21! Seriously, we love this store!
  • Brown boots – Forever 21 has an ADORBS pair for $28, but they're so cute and you'll wear them even after Halloween!
  • A long belt – See if a friend has one you can borrow, or you can get one at Party City for $5.
  • A brush – If you don't own a brush…?
  • A curling iron – Definitely need to curl your hair for this look, if you hair isn't already curled to perfection.
  • Complete the look – Ingrid Nilsen's makeup tutorial is incredibly easy to follow!



Obviously anyone who wears their heart of their sleeve is destined to be The Queen of Hearts for Halloween!

The Queen of Hearts Halloween costume tutorial

Here's what you need to create this costume:

  • Queen of Hearts tee – This shirt is on Spreadshirt for $19, but honestly you could just use a red Sharpie to draw this yourself on a white tee.
  • Black tutu – Get one from eBay (more like eBAE!?) for $13
  • Red flats – The Queen of Hearts would DIE for the ones Forever 21 sells for $15!
  • Heart scepter – Hit up HalloweenCostumes.com to purchase one for $6.
  • Crown headband – There's one for $8 on Etsy and it's gorg!
  • Complete the look – Bring the Queen of Hearts inside of you to life with Lucy Sparkle Beauty's tutorial.


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