Disney World's Mermaid Donut Is (Almost) Too Pretty to Eat

Forget dinglehoppers, because the only food we want right now can be eaten by hand. Disney World is introducing the Mermaid Donut, and the beautiful confection is making us drool.

The Mermaid Donut is new to Prince Eric's Village Market and, of course, is Little Mermaid-inspired.

Thanks to the Instagram account for The Kingdom Insider, we got to see a photo posted Monday and read a description of the ocean-themed treat.

"The new mermaid donut has recently appeared at Ariel's grotto at Prince Eric's Village Market along with Flavored Frozen Cokes and Lemonades," The Kingdom Insider wrote in part. "This is a traditional yeast donut with purple icing, sprinkles and white chocolate accents."

The detail are great. While the mermaid fin is the star of the donut, we love the shells and sand dollar. Plus, those sprinkles kind of look like bubbles.

We're not the only ones impressed. Like many Disney foods before it, the Mermaid Donut is starting to make waves online. PopSugar's Erin Callum wrote an article about it and described it as "equal parts delicious and Instagrammable." Meanwhile, other Disney parkgoers have shared their own photos.

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Yum, right? We'd trade almost any thingamabob for one of those right now.


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