The Disney x TOMS Sleeping Beauty Collection Will Make Your Feet Feel Like Royalty

There's an endless amount of Disney clothing collections that can help you dress like your preferred princess (or other character) and now your feet can get in on the action, too, all while promoting female empowerment!

The Disney x TOMS Sleeping Beauty Collection, which launched on Thursday, July 19, features an array of footwear for kids and adults alike, and is the second in a series of collections inspired by classic Disney princesses.

A Cinderella-centric collection was released in June, and a Snow White-inspired collection is expected to debut on August 23.

And aside from being darn cute, all of the shoes in the Disney collaboration have an awesome history. Per a press release from TOMS shared by Elite Daily, the collection "features exclusive, never before seen artwork created by the all-female Ink and Paint department of Disney in the mid-1900s. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes hand-drawing and inking the individual images that were transformed into the classic Disney movies near and dear to every child's (or adult child's) heart."

In other words, not only is the Disney-themed footwear nostalgic in the best way, it's promoting female empowerment, too. Though the shoes are a bit on the expensive side—prices range from $64.95 to $75—it's totally worth it.

Sleeping Beauty Fairy Godmother Lace-Up Sneakers (via TOMS)

"TOMS and Disney come together to celebrate those memories and the women who helped create them with their collection," continues the press release. "The collection encourages and empowers women and girls to pursue their dreams."

The Sleeping Beauty collection specifically consists of a trio of shoes that will go with just about anything in your closet. The Fairy Godmother lace-up sneakers, shown above, feature a simple print of the Fairy Godmothers on the right side, and there is a subtle pink sparkle print in the background as well.

Pink Sleeping Beauty Classics

(via TOMS)

The Fairy Godmothers make another appearance in the collection via TOMS' classic silhouette, but the real linchpin of this group is the Pink Sleeping Beauty Classics, which feature the iconic character printed in both pink and blue on TOMS' classic shoe. As TOMS' website states, "These printed Classics are for the princess who dreams big."


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