You Can Now Transform Yourself Into a DuckTales Duck With This App

Disney XD is a great app is for catching up on your favorite shows, but we just found out it does something amazing.

That's right—it can transform you into your own original DuckTales-inspired avatar.

The DuckTales reboot premieres on Disney XD on Aug. 12 of this year, and even if you've never seen a single episode of the original series, it'll be worth catching. After all, it stars Doctor Who's Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, is starring as Scrooge McDuck.

When it comes to creating your own duck doppelgänger, there are tons of customization options. There are five unique body types with three poses each, plus all kinds of beak, eye, eyebrow and hair options to make the duck look just like you.

All Ducked Out body types

(via Disney XD)

You can also change the background, customize the outfit, update your feather color and add all types of accessories for the perfect duck avatar.

Duck Tales avatar kid with green hair

(via Disney XD)

Once I'd played around with the app a bit, I think I was able to create a duck that looks just like me. You probably don't know what I look like (but now you do thanks to this duck).

Duck Tales Amanda Avatar

(via Disney XD)


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