Meet the Mastermind Behind Everyone's Favorite Disney Fashion Trend

Meet Leslie Kay. She's the creative brainchild behind DisneyBound—the blog that helps us turn our favorite Disney characters into reality through everyday fashion.

Whether you're looking for an outfit to wear to one of the Disney parks, or you just want to play dress up, DisneyBound offers all the inspiration you need.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Leslie about how DisneyBound came to be and what influences her designs.

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Sweety High: How did you come up with the concept of DisneyBound?

Leslie Kay: I can't take credit for coming up with the idea of using clothes to style character inspiration, but DisneyBound began when I had a trip planned to Disney World for the first time since I was a kid—I was literally Disney-bound. One weekend a few months prior to the trip, I started to create outfits based off of my favorite Disney characters. Within a few days the blog quickly grew to have a few thousand followers…then tens of thousands. Within three weeks I was on national television and what was just a blog name became the name for a new Disney fashion trend.


SH: Can you describe what DisneyBounding is in your own words?

LK: DisneyBounding is using clothes that you can find in your own closet or at your local mall to create a subtle outfit inspired by your favorite Disney character. It's perfect for those visiting the Disney parks as you aren't allowed to wear a costume as an adult—in fact, I leave out items like costume wigs and props as the parks frown against these items. This is a way that park-goers can express their love for their favorite character without being in costume.


SH: Have you always had a passion for Disney? Why's that?

LK: I always have, ever since I was a little girl. As I grew up, I began to really appreciate the magic and creativity that goes into every element of the company.


SH: Where do you draw inspiration from when trying to create new DisneyBound outfits?

LK: An outfit usually starts with a Disney character in mind. In terms of the styling, I often style it out with a friend or style icon in mind. Each outfit has a different personality—and usually a muse behind it.



SH: How long do you usually spend crafting each outfit? Do you have one that you are most proud of?

LK: Some outfits might come together in 10 minutes—others might take up to an hour, if I'm having trouble finding the right pieces. On a weekly basis, I could make up to 25 outfits. Each week, there's is always one or two that I love a lot. This month I've been making holiday party looks. The Avengers looks have been my favorites I've made this month.

Iron Man DisneyBound outfit

(Photo Courtesy of Leslie Kay)


SH: Do you have any tips for beginners trying to get into DisneyBounding?

LK: My main tip is to have fun with it. Make it your own. Start with items in your own closet before buying something new. You never know what Disney character is hiding in your closet.


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