11 ~Top Secret~ Things You Def Didn't Know About Disneyland

Sooo maybe it's only April, but summer is already on our minds! And summer means nothing but family, friends and best of all, VACATION ?.  We don't know about you, but our fave vacation spot will always be Disneyland, obvi. If you're heading there in the next couple of months, we have eleven of the best (and top secret, shhh) Disneyland facts you can impress your friends with on your magical trip.

Disneyland Castle Featured Image

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1. Disney uses something called "Smellitizers."

Candy Palace At Disneyland

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Ever notice how UH-mazing Disneyland always smells!? Well, they use a patented device called an "Air Smellitzer" to release different smells throughout the park. Under the Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen window on Main Street you can see one of the vents where sweet candy smells are released?!


2. Hundreds of feral cats live at Disneyland.

Cat at Disneyland

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Although they're  mostly hiding until park guests leave at night, at least 200 cats live at Disneyland and come out at night to hunt mice and other small prey. The cats have their own feeding and litter area and are also spayed/neutered! Coolest part? They have their own website…The Cats Of Disneyland!


3. The bench where Walt Disney envisioned Disneyland is in the park.

Walt Disney's Bench

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In the lobby of the "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" exhibit you will find the exact park bench that Disney sat on while he watched his daughters play and thought up the wonderful land of Disney! How cool is that?!


4. There's a hidden engraving of Walt Disney's head.

New Orleans At Disneyland

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You've probs already heard that there are several hidden Mickeys throughout the park….but did you know there's a hidden Walt?! In New Orleans square, right across from the perfume shop, there's a glass shop. Right above the glass shop there's a beam with a silver engraving of Walt's head. Very sneaky?.


5. The purple flower teacup is the fastest.

Purple Teacup At Disneyland

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Let's be real, Alice in Wonderland's teacup ride is fun no matter what. BUT, for the best experience, ride the purple one with the flowers, it's the fastest! You'll be dizzy in no time.


6. There's a secret basketball court in the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride.

Basketball Court In The Matterhorn Ride At Disneyland

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Although it's been rumored that this makeshift basketball court is now totally used for storage, it was originally created for cast members to pass time between shifts. GAHH, can we work there?


7. You can get a sneak peak of the evil queen from Snow White.

The Evil Queen From Snow White At Disneyland

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In one of the buildings above the Snow White attraction in Fantasyland, you can see the spooky, evil queen from Snow White appear in a window for a few seconds every couple of minutes.


8. There are a few hidden characters on the Winnie the Pooh ride. 

Country Bear Jamboree Characters At Disneyland

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Did you know that the location of the Winnie the Pooh ride was once the home of the Country Bear Jamboree? And guess what, 3 of the characters from the Jamboree still ~secretly~ live there! If you look back at the end of the ride (you'll be in the room with the Heffalumps), you'll see Max, Buff and Melvin just hanging out. Casual.


9. Main Street was modeled after a real town.

Disneyland's Main Street

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It's modeled after Marceline, Missouri where Walt grew up! He wanted people to get a taste of what his childhood was like. SO sweet?.


10. The castle's drawbridge is totally real.

Drawbridge At Disneyland

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The drawbridge to the castle actually works! But it's only ever been lifted twice – once on opening day, and another time when Fantasyland was being renovated. CRAY.


11. Disneyland employees have only their first name on their name tag.

Disneyland Employees

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Walt Disney wanted everyone to address him as just Walt, so when name tags were created for employees they made sure to only include their first name (and now hometown, too) to follow Walt's example. Keep a look out for name tags when you're there and you'll see for yourself!


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