Disneyland's New Beauty and the Beast Makeover Is An ACTUAL Dream Come True—Here's Proof

In honor of Disney's enchanting new live-action Beauty and the Beast film, Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Park are offering some very special Beauty and the Beast attractions for a limited time only.

Luckily for us, Disney invited us to the parks to catch a sneak peak of the new magic before the film hits this Friday.

Scroll below to see how we experienced Beauty and the Beast in five new enchanting ways, and how you can, too! ✨

Had a Bite to Eat at the Red Rose Taverne

Believe it or not, the Village Haus Restaurant located in Disneyland's Fantasyland has been completely transformed in honor of the film. It's now called Red Rose Taverne and it's gorgeous.

Brittney waiting at the Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland

The inside of the restaurant has been turned into a lively French tavern, and let me tell you, the decorations are on point.

Every wall showcases a different chapter of the story, there's crimson drapery hanging from the windows and there's the most intricate and beautiful stained glass.

Here are just two of the stunning glass pieces.

Stain Glass at Disneyland

In addition, there are props galore.

Look up and all around, because Beauty and the Beast-inspired decor is absolutely everywhere.

I spotted Mrs. Potts hanging out on a cabinet and the beloved red rose stationed above the restaurant sign. I truly felt like I was transported to another fairytale dimension at this place.

Props at the Rose Tavern

And if the decor isn't enough to wow you, the food surely will.

This place serves up food items inspired by the film including Beast's Burger, an Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich and a Chicken Sandwich à la Lumière.

But what was the tastiest food item, you ask? The Grey Stuff. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Red Rose Taverne dishes out the grey stuff that Lumière claims is delicious in the original film.

The sweet treat is made with white chocolate mousse and has a red velvet cake center. I'm going to have to agree with Lumière here, it is delicious.

Trying the Grey Stuff at Disneyland


Struck a Pose with the Haughty Gaston

After I grabbed lunch at the Red Rose Taverne, I strolled around the park and ran into the villain we love to hate, the haughty Gaston.

I totally chased down the mischievous guy to land this picture with him. He was quite the character (a little too into himself for my liking, though???? ).

Hanging out with Gaston from 'Beauty and the Beast' at Disneyland


Got a Sugar Rush at Maurice's Treats

As I made my way through Fantasyland, I eventually ran into a food cart that is completely revamped with new Beauty and the Beast-centric treats.

They have everything from Strawberry Rose and Grey Stuff Twists to fruity and delicious frozen slushy drinks!

I scored a Boysen Apple Freeze in a souvenir mug. Let's just say my tastebuds were not disappointed and this mug will always be cherished. Too cute, right?

Maurice's Treats slushie drink


Witnessed a Special Performance at the Royal Theatre

If you want to catch a glance of your fave Princess, Belle, you're in luck.

While sipping on my Boysen Apple Freeze, I landed upon the Royal Theatre in Fantasyland where you can catch Belle in a comical retelling of Beauty and the Beast up to three times a day. 

The show was interactive, adorable and only lasted about 30 minutes—my kind of fairytale!

Beauty and the Beast play at the Royal Theatre at Disneyland

After the show was over, a nice Disney cast member gave us a heads up that Belle would be exiting the theater and making her way to the front of the castle for a special musical performance.

I eagerly waited outside of the theater to see just how close I could get to the beautiful princess and Beast. I was lucky enough to get close enough for a picture. ????

Here I am having a moment.

Beauty and the Beast walking through Fantasyland at Disneyland

Immediately following this starstruck moment of mine, we followed Belle and her prince directly to the front of the castle for their impromptu performance.

Because the performance wasn't announced, there wasn't a huge crowd and we were able to get up close and personal with the characters.

A seriously awesome experience.

Beauty and the Beast Performance


Snuck an Exclusive Peek of the New Movie

If you're just as ecstatic about the new live-action film as I am, there's one main attraction you must not miss at Disney's California Adventure.

Through March 26, you can get an exclusive sneak peak of the new flick at the Sunset Showcase Theater in in Hollywood Land. I practically ran to the theater, I was so eager to see what was being offered.

Before I entered the large theater, I had the opportunity to see the iconic blue and white dress that Emma Watson wore in the film as well as the enchanting red rose. My mind was blown.

Once I entered the theater, I was given 3D glasses and was able to experience the first full ten minutes of the movie. Let me tell you guys, it looks unreal.

Beauty and the Beast props at California Adventures

Pretty magical, right? If you have time, go check out the attractions for yourself at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. Although the parks are pretty spectacular normally, this makeover brings them and the classic film new life. You won't be disappointed.


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