Everyone's Freaking Out Over Disneyland's Enchanted Rose Cup, but THESE Two Are Way Cuter

Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast has pretty much taken over the world.

You can't walk down the street without seeing posters for the movie, or step into a store immediately spotting their selection of Belle-inspired items. This rings especially true for Disneyland.

In anticipation of the film's release, the park revamped some of its attractions with a Beauty and the Beast-themed makeover. The most notable being the addition of the Red Rose Taverne, as it's where everyone is getting those gorgeous enchanted rose cups you see all over Instagram.

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When my coworker Brittney and I were invited to check out these new film-inspired additions, I only cared about one thing—getting my hands on this coveted cup.

I was so excited to finally have an enchanted rose tumbler of my very own. Unfortunately, this dream didn't turn into a reality. While waiting in line to enter the restaurant, an employee kindly notified everyone that they had sold out of these magical souvenir glasses.

Feeling utterly disappointed, my cheery mood about the trip was on a steady decline. That is until I came across two other souvenir cups that stole my heart.

The first one was a mug with portraits of Gaston and the Beast plastered on this sides. I snagged one of these bad boys for myself and Britt at Maurice's Treats to cool off while we waited for the Red Rose Taverne to open.

Boysen Apple Freeze in Gaston and Beast cups at Disneyland

Filled to the brim with Boysen Apple Freeze—frozen apple juice with a splash of boysenberry, I sucked down the icy concoction faster than Gaston can find his reflection in a mirror.

I may not be too keen on the idea of drinking from a mug with Gaston on it, but I surely don't mind glancing at the Beast's image. He may look ferocious, but I know he's really a softy!

The other cup I'm more than obsessed with is inspired by a film favorite—Chip!

When I first laid eyes on him, my heart melted. He's arguably the most darling character in Beauty and the Beast. I knew I had to take home my own Chip, so before I left I purchased this sweet souvenir.

Disneyland's Chip souvenir cup

Truth be told, neither of these mugs will ever be as captivating as the enchanted rose tumbler. You have to admit they're still pretty darn cute though!

If you can't snag a rose cup, getting one of these two alternatives should fill the void in your heart. I know it did for me.


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