16 Adorable Animals Who Want to Celebrate Disneyland's B-day, Too!

Today is Disneyland's 61st birthday, and we're here to celebrate the best way we know how—with a slew of cute animals, of course! ????

Try not to let out an "Awww" as you scroll through these 16 precious animals, who, like us, wish they were celebrating at "The Happiest Place on Earth" today.
This cat could not be any more enthusiastic about seeing Mickey Mouse IRL.

And this sweet dog only wants one thing: to meet Donald Duck. 


This dog is channeling her inner Minnie. 


And okay, this cat looks a little upset about her Minnie look, but don't let her tough facade fool you. She's stoked on Disney.


This dog is so hyped on Disney that he sent in his application to be an official Mouseketeer. Status pending. 


This hungry one can't wait to get to the park and snag a real Mickey bar.


And from the looks of it, this kitten may as well have already had a full day at the park. 

@disneylandcats Baby Bella dreams to one day be a grown-up #DisneylandCat #kitten #greycat #cat

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This guy's puppy eyes just scream, "I wanna ride Space Mountain!"


And this Siamese cat knows that the perfect way to gear up for a Disney day is to watch a fave Disney flick. 

Hey down in front! #EdieSimone #siamese #kitten #disney #movienight #catsofinstagram #disneycat #disneypet

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This glam Minnie is ready for a full day at the park.


And this bloodhound is ready to tear up the park thanks to his comfy sneaks. 


This cat just wants to party. A 61st birthday is a big deal!


And this corgi only wants one thing: to play Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

I can only be #woody half way ???? with this #disneypet shirt unbuttoned #petlosophy ????

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This cat honestly just wants to find her prince. Disneyland is obvi the place to find him!


And, finally, just look at this hedgehog. Have you ever seen more excitement? Get this guy to the park, stat. 


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