Disneyland's New Caliente Churro Looks Like Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Pixar Pier opened at Disneyland Resort's California Adventure Park on June 23, and the big day brought a lot of new excitement into the lives of parkgoers and those who want to be them.

One of the biggies making a splash is the intriguing new Caliente Churro.

The treat brings a spicy twist to the traditional treat, and it became available with the opening of Señor Buzz Churros, also on Saturday. Food blogger Jenny Flake shared an image on her Instagram account disneyhungry, and she described it as "super fun and delicious." Apparently, the churro "tastes like sweet and spicy Red Hots."

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Red Hots were a comparison that popped up more than once on Instagram and Twitter. The consensus so far seems to be that there is a bit of kick to the Caliente Churro but it isn't too spicy to handle.

For those who don't want to risk it, though, the churro stand also sells regular ones, otherwise known as Cinnamon Sugar Galaxy Churros.

No matter what, your sugar fix awaits!


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