Disneyland Foods We Miss Just As Much As the Rides

Disneyland opened its doors in 1955, and since then, has only closed unexpectedly four times.

Now, as the park is coming upon a year closed, many Disney fans may be thinking about what they missed most about their days at Disneyland. Yes, the thought of waiting in anticipation for Splash Mountain, the Haunted Mansion or even It's a Small World makes regular park visitors feel giddy, but the rides aren't the only reason people show up to the park. It's also the food.

Save for the Blue Bayou—with its view of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and delicious Cajun and Creole-inspired cuisine—there aren't any truly excellent Disneyland-based restaurants. In terms of snack game, however? The park is on point. 

Here are the snacks we can't wait to sink our teeth into next time we can safely visit the park.

Dole Whip

This pineapple soft serve, which you can snag outside the Enchanted Tiki Room, is the perfect refreshing treat on a hot California day. In fact, the only bummer about it is that you have to wait in the sun (usually in a very long line) in order to nab one.


The Churro

A Disneyland churro just hits different. While the classic cinnamon flavor is always worth a bite, the park will often have differently flavored themed churros for special events and occasions. Just prior to the coronavirus pandemic shutdown of the park, Disneyland introduced pink and blue churros in honor of Sleeping Beauty and the new Magic Happens! parade.


The Frozen Banana

Could you technically dip a banana in chocolate at home? Yeah, sure. But will it ever taste as good as the one you pick over the Mickey ice cream bar in order to be a little "healthy" this time around? Nope!


The Mickey Pretzel

There are two different versions of the Mickey Pretzel: the cream cheese-filled option, and the regular. Both are excellent for when you're starving, but also don't want to miss your FastPass time for Smuggler's Run.


The Turkey Leg

It's a mess, but it's a classic.


The Mickey Ice Cream Bar

It's ubiquitous around the park, and while it melts a lot faster than that frozen banana would, it's also the perfect prop for photos. It matches your ears!


Mickey Beignets

Oh, you're feeling fancy? Enjoy these fried dough treats along with a jam dipping sauce. Just make sure to score extra napkins, as that powdered sugar is guaranteed to go everywhere.

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Cheddar Popcorn

It comes in a giant cone, and it is guaranteed to get orange powder all over your fingers. But honestly? It's even better than the regular popcorn that they serve in the carts. Enjoy the buttered popcorn smell, but indulge in the cheddar version—just trust us on this one.

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Chocolate-Covered Pineapple Skewer

This might sound like a controversial pick, but next time you're at the candy counter on Main Street, pick up a pineapple skewer instead of your typical marshmallow treat or cupcake. The dark chocolate complements the fruit perfectly, and it's a refreshing treat that also feels decadent.


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