This Disneyland Haunted Mansion Starbucks Mug Is in Super High Demand

There's always something new and in demand at Disney Parks, but sometimes, they're more fun than practical. That's not the case with the latest item: Starbucks' Disneyland Haunted Mansion mug is as useful as it is adorable.

The mugs recently arrived at the park, and according to Popsugar, they're selling fast. Disney fans have been buying them up and posting photos on social media that show just how pretty they are.

Officially known as the New Orleans Square mug, one side features the Haunted Mansion, and the other shows a Pirates of the Caribbean ship.

The mug is part of the Starbucks You Are Here collection, which features designs inspired by the specific location where the mugs are sold. Disneyland's New Orleans Square is the theme of the new mug, which is fitting considering that it is sold exclusively at the park in the Starbucks on Main Street USA. It retails for $16.99.

Based on how enthusiastic people are about the mug, we're probably not all going to be able to get our own, but at the very least, we can admire the photos.

Yep, we can see why it's selling so fast.


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