Because Disney does everything better, it was inevitable that they’d release their own super sippable pumpkin drinks this fall.

Not one, but two tasty pumpkin beverages were recently added to the menu at Disney California Adventure’s Ghirardelli Soda Fountain. and they’re anything but the basic pumpkin spice latte.

The first drink is a pumpkin pie latte, which may sound like it’d taste a lot like a pumpkin spice latte—but would you rather eat some pumpkin spice or take a bite of a pumpkin pie? Better yet, it’s available hot, cold or frozen.

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The second drink, the pumpkin spice caramel shake, somehow sounds even more delicious. It’s full of gooey caramel and topped with whipped cream and a pumpkin spice-filled Ghirardelli chocolate square. Honestly, nothing sounds better.

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The best news is that the pumpkin pie latte isn’t even a seasonal item, so when winter, spring and even summer roll around, you’ll still be able to get your hands on one. Excuse us while we book our next trip to the park.


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