Sour Apple Churros Have Hit Disneyland, So Go Get Your Sweet and Sour Fix

Disneyland goes all out for different seasons and holidays.

With fall in full swing and Halloween at the end of the month, the park has introduced Sour Apple Churros. Park-goers have been posting photos and reviews, and from what we can tell, they're worth trying, especially if you like sour treats.

The photo above was posted by the user lizzyindisney, who wrote that she found the green churros outside of the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride.

She tried them with a caramel dipping sauce and said, "you can definitely taste the apple." Meanwhile, another user, churrocaitie, confirmed they were "indeed sour."

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While some people found the dessert to be too sour, the user disneyland24seven is now "OBSESSED." Yep, that's with all caps, so we know they're serious.

"It's weird and different but it works???" the person wrote. "I'm about to get so many more."

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Try them yourself if you're curious and can get to Disneyland. You can buy the churros for $5.25 by themselves or $6.25 with dipping sauce, according to Popsugar.


Disney parks have sold some other interesting churro flavors before. Click HERE to read about Disneyland's Caliente Churros.