13 Instagram Pics Everyone Has Posted During Their Disneyland Visit

Visiting Disneyland is one heck of a magical experience.

Of course, you need to document your time at the happiest place on earth on Instagram for everyone to see.

Whether you've visited the park once, twice or a million times, we bet you've posted all 13 types of pics below on your Insta.

A Classic Pic in Front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

No matter how many times you've been to Disneyland, you can't resist snapping a photo in front of Sleeping Beauty's gorgeous castle.

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A Selfie of You Sporting a Pair of Minnie Mouse Ears

Minnie Mouse Ears are one thing you can never have enough of. We have a pair of all of our fave characters.


An OOTD of Your DisneyBound Ensemble

Can you even say you went to Disneyland if you didn't mention DisneyBound as your fave character? No, no you can't.

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A Snapshot Posing Next to Your Fave Character

There's no shame in waiting hours in line to take a pic with Minnie, Mickey, Pooh or your fave Disney princess. We've all done it and will do it again.

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A Post-Ride Photo

Has anyone ever paid for the actual photo?

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A Yummy Snap of Your Fave Disneyland Treat

Whether you love Dole Whip or Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels, we bet we'll find a shot of it on your profile.

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A Pic of Your Overly Expensive Souvenir Cup

If you're going to spend all of your money at Disneyland, you might as well do it right.


A Cutesy Pic of Your Starbucks From Disneyland

For some reason, the Starbucks always tastes so much more magical.


An Artsy Photo of Your Fast Pass With the Ride It's Accompanying

Raise your hand if you've done this for just about every single ride that has a Fast Pass.????


A Magical Clip of a Parade

Snippets of the parades are always a must, especially if you happen to experience an adorable exchange with a character.


A Photo of You Holding Mickey Mouse Balloons

We all know who's really holding the balloons, but it's still a classic shot.

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A Scenic Shot of the Fireworks

Listen, fireworks are hard to photograph. If you can do it, kudos to you.


A Pic Sitting Down in the Middle of Main Street USA After the Park Has Closed

The most rebellious photo of the bunch, we've all wanted to be the last to leave Disneyland to take this pic.

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