7 Easily Overlooked Actions That Are Actually Disrespectful

When it comes to disrespect, some signs are far more obvious than others.

If a person doesn't stick up for you, makes fun of your outfits or ditches plans with you because they found something better, well, those are pretty clear indicators that the individual doesn't respect you.

But there are a bunch of disrespectful little actions that can seem totally normal—and, in fact, if you don't catch them early on, you'd probably let them continue without batting a lash.

Keep reading for seven seemingly normal things that are actually totally disrespectful.


1. Using Your Hair or Makeup Brush Without Asking

When someone's in your bathroom with you for whatever reason, it can be easy for them to casually grab your makeup brushes or a hairbrush and temporarily make them their own. What you don't realize, however, is not only are they invading your personal space when they do this without asking, but it's also a major hygienic hazard. Brushes of all kinds contain a slew of germs, and whether you care or not, it's disrespectful of them not to ask before making you susceptible to their bacteria.


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2. Going Into Your Home Refrigerator Without Asking

You may not think about it the same way you think about your purse or backpack, but a home fridge is a pretty personal space. Things may be organized a certain way, or some stored items may be off-limits for whatever reason. If someone goes into your refrigerator unannounced, even just to grab a can of Coke, it's a total invasion of privacy (even if you only see it as the space of your parents).


3. Grabbing Your Phone to Look at Freshly Taken Photos

We're the first to admit we get beyond excited about a fresh iPhone photoshoot, so we can't blame anyone else who feels the same—but if a person excitedly grabs your phone out of your hand once the shots are complete, they're completely ignoring the fact that it's your possession. Whether or not there's anything embarrassing stored on the mobile device really doesn't matter. It's the principle that your phone is one of the most private things you own, and no one has the right to just grab it, let alone flip through it to find specific pics.

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4. Sticking Around Your House at Dinnertime Without Being Invited

We get it, time flies when we're having fun—and before we know it, an after-school hangout sesh can quickly bleed into dinnertime. But just because someone is still at the house as your mom throws the lasagna in the oven doesn't mean she's obligated to feed them. Your parents don't get to see you that much and use time at the dinner table to catch up, plus, they may have only prepped enough food for just the family. Ultimately, it doesn't matter the case—no one should go into a situation assuming they can stay through dinner. If your parents haven't already asked your guest to join the family, your friend should have the decency to head out before you're seated at the table.


5. Assuming You'll Drive Them Home Because They Live on the Way

If someone lives down the street from you, it's technically not difficult to drop them off on the way home—but if someone talks to you in a way in which they almost expect it, not only is that rude, but you may have other obligations preventing you from getting home right away. Sure, once in a while is fine, but if the rideshare becomes habitual and the person doesn't express gratitude each time or ask before assuming, that is not okay.

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6. Wandering Around Your House Unattended

Who doesn't enjoy roaming through unfamiliar territory? It's fascinating to see how people live and what unique possessions make up their home. But peoples' residences are their most personal spaces. If you catch someone walking up the stairs for no reason or peering through cracked doors, not only is that totally creepy, but it's extremely disrespectful. Even if you don't personally care, there's a pretty good chance your parents and siblings would feel extremely violated knowing people were trekking through their personal space without notice.


7. Swapping Out Your Phone on the Charger Without Asking

In another case of not respecting personal space, if your charger is being used to give your phone more juice, it doesn't matter how far along the charge is—no one has the right to remove your phone and swap it with theirs. If someone doesn't ask before taking your phone off the charger, that's disrespecting your boundaries. Your belongings are yours, big or small.

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