I Received Energy Healing From a Distance—Here's What That Means

I've covered reiki at length on Sweety High.

I've spoken to experts about the magical healing practice, and I've also experienced the all-natural phenomenon in person. But it wasn't until last week that I embarked upon "distance reiki," the act of receiving the energy healing process from afar.

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With the deadly coronavirus taking over everyone's lives in some way or another, social distancing is currently the new way of the world. That said, traditional healing practices are out the door for now, which welcomes "distance reiki," for example. I hopped on a 10-minute call with Chicago-based healer, Giselle Wasfie of Remix Lifestyle, who asked me a few basic questions and then sent me on a 20-minute journey from my bed, in and out of sleep.


(Photo courtesy of Giselle Wasfie)

I woke up feeling positive and refreshed, while recounting the interesting visuals that played rapidly in my mind throughout. Giselle called me after my session was up, and we chatted for a few moments about what she felt as she was healing from afar. We worked on opening my heart chakras, and also my throat, which helps you speak your mind more freely and stand up for what you believe. My seemingly out-of-nowhere, mid-session cough definitely reflected what was going on there, as it was releasing some of what's been holding me back.

Giselle said she experienced positivity around my energy and received a message that heading out to the Superbloom this year would be life-changing for me. Welp—unfortunately, this is the first year since 2017 that we're not expected to see one, but I'm sure I can find a flowery field of some sort (once we're let back out of the house, of course).

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The experience overall was so fascinating to me, but I had some major questions. Thankfully, Giselle broke down everything below about what you need to know about "distance reiki."

Sweety High: Please define reiki in your own words.

Giselle Wasfie: Reiki is an energy medicine wherein the practitioner or healer aligns the balance of the patient's chakras in tune with the Universe's vibrations. This can be done by hovering over the patient's body or by healing touch (laying on hands).


SH: How did you get into this career?

GW: Oh my, that is a long answer, and I'm actually writing a book that goes into depth about my career change from music journalist and editor at Glamour magazine to doctor of Chinese medicine. Basically, though, I was drawn to it out of the blue, and yet, it was destined for me.


SH: What is "Distance Reiki"?

GW: Second-degree reiki practitioners receive a "Distance symbol" that raises their vibration, so that they can "send" reiki healing energy to patients in faraway places. In fact, Distance Reiki can also allow the practitioner to connect to the receiver across the space and time continuum, treating issues from the past, or potential challenges that lay ahead in the future.


SH: What needs to happen on both ends in order for distant reiki to actually work?

GW: An openness between practitioner and receiver. That's really it.


SH: Can the effects of distant reiki be as powerful as in-person or no?

GW: Thoughts are powerful, prayers are powerful, and Distance Reiki uses elements of both intentional thoughts and prayers, and energy medicine, to create healing and support. As your chakras align during a session—whether in person, or from a distance—you can often feel different areas of warmth along your body, or see color visuals, or fall into a sleep-like state, and experience a vivid dream or images. There's no absolute or expectation, as each patient experiences reiki differently. You will receive exactly what you need.

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SH: How do you get a chance to really feel someone's energy if they're not with you in person?

GW: You often see colors or images as you send energy to someone, kind of like being an intuitive or psychic. Also, sometimes I'll feel sensations in my body that are being transferred from the patient. As an empath, I feel energy quite easily, if not too easily!


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