Diva Week at The X Factor with Sweety High!

Sweety High returns to the set of The X Factor yet again for diva week, featuring performances by X Factor alumni Little Mix and Emblem3!

In this new episode, the stars tell us how to they each channel their inner divas and tell us what advice they would give if they could go back in time and meet the "little me" inside each of them!

Emblem3 and the judges panel also let us in on who is the biggest diva of them all and the contestants strike their best diva poses!

Diva Week

We also say goodbye to the very talented singers Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige and hear what they have to say about the journey they still have ahead of them!

Watch the new video below and let us know what you think, and be sure to join us at Sweety High for the latest on all things The X Factor!