Divergent Aptitude Test: Which Faction Are You?

Take our Divergent aptitude test! In Divergent, sixteen-year-olds take an aptitude test on a given day every year that sorts them into one of five factions.Divergent Aptitude Test

The five factions are Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite, and each represent a valued virtue of humanity.

Based on this test, teens are allowed to either stay with their families within the faction where they grew up, or leave them forever to join the faction that suits them best.

In Divergent, a teenager named Tris receives inconclusive results from her aptitude test. She could potentially fit into the Abnegation, Erudite, or Dauntless factions. This makes her "divergent," but she must keep it a secret or risk being killed.

What Divergent faction would you belong to? Take the quiz below to find out your results! Keep a tally of how many A's, B's, C's, D's, and E's you get from answering the following questions, and find out your answer at the bottom of the page!

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1. In which of these environments would you prefer to spend your time?

A: A busy city

B: The ocean

C: The countryside

D: Suburbs

E: Mountainous areas.


2. Out of the colors listed, which color do you prefer?

A: Silver

B: White

C: Brown

D: Tan

E: Red


3. Which job would you be most likely to pursue?

A: Scientist

B: Lawyer

C: Kindergarden Teacher

D: Nurse

E: Police Officer


4. What kind of person do you aspire to be?

A: A good student that others look up to

B: Someone unafraid to speak up and say things that others may find unnecessary or rude in order to do what's right

C: Cheerful, always looking to do something fun

D: Someone who is seen as caring and helpful

E: Strong willed and confident


5. What time of day do you prefer?

A: No preference

B: Afternoon

C: Midday

D: Morning

E: Night


6. What is your favorite season?

A: Fall

B: Winter

C: Summer

D: Spring

E: No preference


7. You have a long period of free time and you can do anything with it. What do you do with that time?

A: Spend time at home, quietly reading a book

B: Update social media about other people and things going on in your life

C: Go out to play games with friends

D: Work at an animal shelter

E: Go on a hike or to an amusement park with large rides


8. Which day of the month does your birthday fall on?

A: 1-6

B: 7-13

C: 14-20

D: 21-26

E: 27-31


9. Which scent seems most appealing to you?

A: The smell of old books

B: The sea

C: The comforting smell of home

D: A freshly baked meal

E: The smell of a crackling fire


10. What fantasy creature do you like the most?

A: Elves

B: Sphinxes

C: Unicorns

D: Halflings/Hobbits

E: Centaurs


11. Which celestial body do you like the most?

A: All of them!

B: Moon

C: Stars

D: Other planets

E: The sun


12. You are given a test at school that has questions that the teacher hasn't gone over yet. In the middle of the test, you notice that a friend next to you has a cheat-sheet. The teacher doesn't notice. You…

A: Talk to them after class and inform them that if you see them cheating again, you'll tell the teacher.

B: Immediately tell the teacher what's going on.

C: Try to ignore it because you don't want to start any trouble.

D: Inform the teacher once class is over.

E: Mentally congratulate them on their sneakiness, and maybe ask to borrow it.


13. How would you prefer your hair to look?

A: Sleek ponytail.

B:  Doesn't matter as long as it's nice and simple.

C: Long and down.

D: Up in one way or another.

E: Dyed and short.


Do you have your score ready? Check out what it means below?

Mostly A's

You belong to Erudite. You pride yourself on your intelligence, and are constantly thirsty for more knowledge. You are curious and inquisitive, and believe that a lack of knowledge is the cause of most problems. However, you may also become power-hungry, as your intelligence leads you to believe you are always right.

Mostly B's

You belong to Candor. People consider your extremely trustworthy and fair. You tend to make good decisions and are good at detecting lies. Though you are always truthful and sincere, some would say you are honest to a fault. You may sometimes hurt people's feelings with the truth, but you believe people should be happy to hear an honest opinion instead of a lie.

Mostly C's

You belong to Amity. You are an extremely peaceful person, and value friendship and understanding above all else.  You strongly dislike conflict, which might make it difficult for you to resolve issues with others. You may go out of your way to not get in a disagreement with others.

Mostly D's

You belong to Abnegation. You always put others ahead of yourself, and think that nothing is worse than selfishness. You often forget about your own needs because you are busy with the needs of not just friends and family, but also strangers. You are likely quiet and don't like to call attention to yourself.

Mostly E'

You belong to Dauntless. You are a thrill-seeker, and aren't scared of many of the things most people fear. You are likely physically fit, and adept at sports or martial arts. You also believe that problems should be faced head-on, and that many issues can be solved by force.

A Tie

If you got a tie for two or more factions, you are Divergent! You exhibit traits from more than one of the five factions, and can't be confined just to one way of thinking. Faction leaders believe you are dangerous because you can't be controlled! You might just start a revolution… but be careful!

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