Divergent Book Review: Pick Your Faction!

Though Divergent is the first in yet another dystopian trilogy where the government is in complete control, author Veronica Roth manages to give the familiar theme a whole new twist, exploring what it's like for people leaving their families to pursue something that will make them happy.Divergent

Divergent follows the story of a young girl named Tris, and her journey to becoming an official member of society in one of the most dangerous places within the city, the Dauntless faction.

The city Tris lives in is divided into five factions, each based around a specific virtue. Teens in this city take an aptitude test when they are sixteen, which sorts them into one of these factions.

Tris was born and raised in the selfless Abnegation faction. Dauntless is for the brave, and is where Tris decides to live when she is given the choice. The other three factions are based around intelligence, peacefulness, and truthfulness. They are Erudite, Amity and Candor, respectively.

After leaving her peaceful but restricted Abnegation faction, Tris finally feels free and strong, though she is left at a slight disadvantage for more reason than one. In Dauntless slang, Tris is an Abegnation "Stiff," used to living in a completely selfless environment. She is seen by the others in her new faction as weak and helpless. It takes time for her to become used to the brashness and boldness of Dauntless.

Tris is also harboring a secret that she doesn't quite understand. She is Divergent. Tris' test revealed she could easily fit into one of three factions: Erudite, Abnegation or Dauntless. This is unheard of, and Tris is told that this secret can get her killed. Tris chooses one faction and keeps the fact that she is Divergent a secret.

As can be expected, there is also a romantic aspect to Divergent.

A mysterious and rough Dauntless nicknamed Four is in charge of Tris and the other initiates' training. His intrigue piques Tris' interest. During training, he seems to take an unusual interest in Tris specifically. His feelings for her become more and more complicated as the story progresses

The world Roth created for this great story is original and fascinating. The more you learn about the society, the more you want to know about it. Roth's writing and creativity will keep you reading on just to learn more.

Divergent is a great read for anyone who enjoyed The Hunger Games, or The Mortal Instruments books, as all three appeal to a similar audience and genre. If you are a fan of dystopian literature, you will absolutely love this series!

We are also super excited that a Divergent film is in the works, and can't wait to see Shailene Woodley, Theo James and more bring the novel to life!

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