What's Your Divergent Faction? We've Got A Hairstyle For You

If you're as serious about the Insurgent premiere as we are, you're already counting the days and planning out what you'll wear on the big day. If you need any tips in the hair department, these 5 fabulous hairstyles by faction will be your best friend.

1. Abnegationabnegation knot bun style divergent faction

Abnegation style is all about simplicity. After all, luxury items and even long gazes in the mirror are forbidden in the faction. This bun is cute and easy enough to execute that you can pull off the style without looking and still know that it looks great.

Check out the tutorial at Latest Hairstyles

2. Eruditecriss cross half up erudite hair tutorial divergent faction

You can't rock the Erudite style without looking smart. A classic half updo with a twist lets the world know that just because you mean business doesn't mean you're not also looking to have some fun.

(via Life Hack)

3. Dauntlessdauntless braided mohawk ponytail divergent faction

Want the Dauntless look, but don't feel like shaving part of your head? A braided mohawk ponytail is a simple way to show off your Dauntless, tough as nails attitude without any drastic changes to your normal look.

(via Makeup Wearables)

4. Amityamity wavy hair and braid tutorial divergent faction

Amity is all about peace and love, so a slightly bohemian style will be right up your alley. Waves and braids are the perfect way to show everyone your laid-back, peace-loving style.

(via Hairstyle FS)

5. Candorcanfor sleek ponytail divergent faction

A sleek ponytail is the perfect way to show off Candor's orderly, serious nature. Other members of your faction will honestly love it.

(via Makeup.com)

Which style best represents you? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share your gorgeous selfies with us at SweetyHigh.com.