Make an Impression With These DIY Animal Footprint Flip Flops

These innovative and totally adorable animal footprint flip flops by Kiko are going viral, but you don't have to dish out the big bucks to rock a similar pair at home.

Kiko Ashiato pawprint animal flip flops from Japan

(via Kiko)

Using Kiko's fab flops as inspiration, we came up with our own simple DIY version of the sandals that anyone can make at home. It's time to get crafty!

DIY animal footprint flip flops



  • A pair of flip flops
  • A sheet of thick foam (or, just use another pair of flip flops!)
  • A permanent marker
  • A pair of heavy-duty scissors
  • Super glue

DIY animal footprint supplies


As always, any time you're using scissors of super glue, get an adult's supervision!

Step 1

Using the permanent marker, draw two of your animal footprint shapes on the foam. These can be paw prints, horseshoes, bird feet or something of your own design. Feel free to use one of our stencils below, and try to make them as identical as possible!

Outline of paw print shapes on foam

Paw print and bird food print stencil

Horseshoe and hoof print stencil


Step 2

With the scissors, carefully cut out both foam shapes, being careful to cut them straight so that both sides of the foam are equal in size.

Cut out foam paw prints


Step 3

Using the super glue, secure your shape to the underside of the flip flop. For the best results, apply the glue on the same side where you drew your outline earlier. Make sure it does not go over the areas where the straps pop out! Hold the pieces in place for 30 seconds, and let dry overnight before wearing.



That's all there is to it! These simple, straightforward flip flops will hold together better with the larger shapes, so if you want them to last, we recommend the hoof or horseshoe.

DIY animal footprint flip flops


These aren't flip flops you'll want to wear everywhere (they are just held together with glue, after all!), but they'll make quite an impression on a beach day.

Flip flop paw print in sand


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