Festive DIY Bath Bombs to Make Your Skin Glow All Holiday Season

Obsessed with Lush's popular bath bombs? We don't blame you.

Although we can't get enough of these fragrant luxuries, they have the potential to break the bank when you buy them in bag loads (as we've been known to do).

So, save a pretty penny this holiday season by making one of the seven following holiday-themed bath bombs that will help you pamper yourself properly.

Christmas Tree Bath Bombs

Nothing screams "It's the holidays!" quite like Christmas-tree shaped goodies. Grab a festive ice cube mold and the proper ingredients and you're on your way to one holiday cheer-filled bath experience.


Santa Claus Bath Bombs

This creation is very simple and looks almost exactly like Lush's Santa Claus bath bomb. Win.


Gingerbread Bath Bombs

Ginger, molasses and cinnamon are the key ingredients that make this DIY bath bomb smell divine. These make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer! Instructions for making these cute little men can be found HERE.

DIY Gingerbread Bath Bombs

(via Pistachio Project)


Peppermint Snowflake Bath Bombs

It's amazing what a food mold and some basic ingredients can make. Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, salt, olive oil and peppermint oil mix together to create this refreshing scent. You'll want to drop one of these in every bath you take from here on out.


Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs

Yes, hot chocolate bath bombs are a thing, and you can make one yourself! Simply follow the instructions HERE and you'll be on your way to indulging in the sweetest bath time of all.

DIY Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs

(via Lovely Greens)


Star Bath Bombs

Say hello the the cutest bath bombs in existence. This tub treat is filled with edible sprinkles that give your bath an extra pop of color. ????


Melting Snowman Fizzies

If there's one Lush product we just don't want to give up during the holiday season, it's their signature melting snowman. This melting snowman fizzie tutorial teaches you how to make one almost identical to Lush's. This thing is skin-softening and adorable, you can't get much better than that.


Ready for some more bath bomb fun? Head on over HERE and take a look at these unusual and extravagant DIY bath essentials.