PHOTOS: This Easy DIY Project Will Spruce Up Your Bedroom in Just Minutes!

If you've been keeping up with us in the slightest, then you're well aware we live for DIYs over here.

Whether we're making our very own summer sunnies or crafting up the perfect decor and accessories for an epic pool party, we love a good self-made product.

So you can imagine our excitement when Elizabeth Rosselle–DIY guru and founder of Punk Sophisticate lifestyle brand–came into our office and guided us through the creation of these simple, yet superbly stunning mason jar terrariums.

With the purchase of a few minor items and a span of five minutes to spare, your bedroom, dorm room, locker room or desk can take on an entirely fresh vibe.

Here's what you'll need and where to get it:

1. Mason jar, twine, sand, stones, air plant, wooden beads (hole in center of beads should be about ¼" in diameter).

2. With the exception of the air plant, supplies listed can be easily found at most craft stores like Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft.

3. A quick Google search will pull up a list of where you can find air plants in your neighborhood. They're very popular and drought-friendly, so most nurseries carry them. Elizabeth got hers from a place called Potted in Los Angeles. You can also find these on Amazon.

DIY mason jar terrarium: filled jars


1. Once you have all of your materials, cut three to four pieces of twine around 50″ long per piece. If you use three pieces, your air plant terrarium will be cradled by a trio of twine (see hanging image). If you use four pieces, your terrarium will look similar but will be cradled by, of course, four pieces of twine. We don't recommend less than three because you want it to be secure when hanging.

DIY mason jar terrarium: boxes of beads

2. Fill your jar about halfway with the stones and sand–layer however you'd like. Creativity 100% encouraged!

DIY mason jar terrarium: Sweety High girls work on the DIY

DIY mason jar terrarium: Sweety High girls working on project

3. Take your first piece of twine and wrap it around the lip of your mason jar (see image). Pull it toward you so that the ends match, then tie it tightly around the mason jar lip and double knot it, leaving the long ends of twine hanging.

4. Tie your second piece of twine around the lip of the jar and follow the same steps as #3, but knot the twine on the opposite side of the jar so that the long ends hang opposite the other (if you're only using three pieces of twine, space them apart ⅓ of the way around the jar).

5. Follow steps 3 and 4 (if using all 4 pieces) for the two remaining pieces of twine, but make sure you're spacing your twine accordingly so that you have uniform pieces wrapping around the jar.

6. Pull all pieces of twine together and upward so that they're cradling the jar, and cut the ends so that they all match perfectly. This will make it easier to add your beads.

7. Twist the ends together with your fingers so they stay put and start slipping beads onto all of the pieces of twine. Slide the beads down so that they rest just above the mason jar opening (see image). Use as many or as few beads as you like.

8. Knot the top ends of the twine together securely.

DIY mason jar terrarium: tying the twine

9. Drop in your air plant

DIY mason jar terrarium: in progress

DIY mason jar terrarium: final product

10. Hang your terrarium! You can use ceiling hooks, wall hooks, etc. Again, get creative!

DIY mason jar terrarium

Air Plant Care:

Air plants are pretty low maintenance. You can either spritz them with water using a spray bottle a couple of times per week, or you can soak them in a bowl of water for about an hour (or even overnight if you'd like) once a week.


As we noted above, This project can make for some perfect locker decor. But if you're still in need of more ways to spice up the place you keep your school books, check out THESE six ways to DIY the locker of your dreams!