How to Flawlessly DIY Your Next Pair of Cut-Off Shorts

Denim cut-off shorts are synonymous with summer.

They're the one piece of clothing you can wear all season. Their versatility is endless. You can dress them up with heels for a night out or dress them down with sneakers for a game. Before you balk at the price tag for the popular cut-off styles out there, learn how to make your own pair for next to nothing!

white denim cut offs

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Start With Extra Large Jeans

Before you get your DIY juices flowing, you need to score a pair of jeans that fit you a couple of sizes too big. The reason for this is that there is nothing worse than having cut-off shorts that create a muffin top or become too tight on the thighs. Consider shopping at your favorite Goodwill or vintage shop for an affordable pair. Don't be limited to blue denim only, try finding cool colors or wild prints for an extra unique look.

vintage jeans

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Measure Length

The second step for a successful pair of cut-offs is finding the perfect length. Many-a-time, we've been stuck in a dressing room with a pair of shorts that are either too short and ride up our legs or too long and look clownish. This second step is one of the most important to ensure wearing this pair of shorts forever.

Stand in front of a mirror and have a friend help you mark with chalk where you want your shorts to hit. Having a friend assist is key because if you mark the pair yourself, you will naturally bend at your back, giving you the wrong length. After you and your buddy mark your ideal length, make a second mark one inch below that.

measuring tape

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Put the 'Cut' in Cut-Offs'

After your chalk lines are marked, remove the pair of jeans and lay them on the ground. Fold them in half lengthwise to make the seams all touch each other. Make sure the scissors you have on hand are heavy duty, as you'll be cutting into the four folds of fabric at a time. Cutting at the same time will ensure even lines in your shorts. Cut horizontally across the second line of chalk you made that rests one inch below where you want your shorts to hit.

scissors with colorful fabric

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Make Your Pair Unique

After your pair is cut, start distressing the bottom of the shorts by pulling on individual threads. This process can take a bit of time, but throw on your fave Netflix show and get to work. Pulling on individual threads will give your shorts the cool-girl "worn" look.

This is where that second chalk line comes in handy. After many washes, the shorts will take to distressing themselves. Therefore, this extra inch you added acts as an insurance policy to have your shorts sized right for many washes to come. Another tip is to use sandpaper to distress your pair. Run the paper outside the pockets and anywhere else you want to achieve natural holes in the fabric.


Wear and Tear

After you've completed the steps above, get ready to wear your shorts to death! Natural wear and tear will occur, but fear not, this will only add to the character of your cut-offs. Don't be afraid to put them in the wash, treat them as you would any regular pair of jeans.


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