How to DIY Your Own Whimsical Dreamcatcher

Has your bedroom been feeling a bit lackluster? Sounds like you need a little decoration inspo!

If you're looking to get a bit crafty, we have just the project to upgrade your bedroom—a DIY dreamcatcher.

It's gorgeous, simple to make and will totally add a little whimsical flair to your space.

Scroll below for full instructions!

Before you can begin this project, you'll have to head to your local craft store to pick up the needed materials. I decided to head to Michaels because I knew they'd have everything all in one place.

To get going you'll need the following items:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo hoops either 3 or 4 inches in diameter (the ones typically used for cross stitching)
  • Burlap or lace (in my case, I used burlap with lace)
  • Lace ribbon
  • A variety of ribbons in your choice of colors (I chose tan and teal)
  • Optional gold-dipped feathers

Once you've gathered all of your materials and have a large clear space to work on, you're ready to begin!

Dreamcatcher supplies

Start by taking your bamboo hoops and burlap or lace.

Unscrew the hinge that comes attached to the hoop and put it to the side. You'll now have two pieces of circular wood to use.

Take the larger circular frame and place it on top of a piece of burlap, then take the second smaller circular frame and place it on the opposite side of the burlap. Push the smaller frame through the bigger frame until it's tight and snug and then reinsert the screw and tighten. At this point you'll want to cut off any excess fabric.

Next is the fun part! Using the ribbon you've selected, choose a design to cover the circular base of your dreamcatcher.

Carefully wrap that ribbon around the base of your dreamcatcher, gluing small pieces as you go.

Glueing ribbon around the dreamcatcher

Once you reach the end of the circle, snip off any excess ribbon and glue the final piece down to secure it.

Next, you're going to cut out various lengths of ribbon to prepare for your dreamcatcher. Have fun with this! I cut a variety of ribbons and lace to give my dreamcatchers a fun layered look.

Dreamcatcher and ribbons

Once your ribbons are prepped and ready, it's time to start gluing them one by one to the back of the wooden hoop. I suggest putting the glue directly on the hoop and then firmly pressing the ribbon on top of it for ten seconds to secure. Attaching ribbon to dreamcatcher

After all of your ribbons are in place, you can spice up your decoration even more by adding a few dipped feathers to the bottom of a couple of the ribbons.

I tied a knot at the bottom of a few of mine, added glue to the knot and then placed the ribbon on top of it for a few seconds to dry and secure.

The final product? Well, it's gorgeous! Just take a peek for yourself!

Final product dreamcatchers



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