12 Adorable DIY Earrings For Any Kind Of Girl

Earrings can add a great personal touch to any outfit, but finding the right pair for your everyday look can be tough. Our solution? Make your own with these great DIYs!

Are you a bookworm? An animal lover? A foodie? We've totally got the perfect DIY earrings for you! 

1. The Bookworm 

Book earrings are a great way to show off the latest novel you are obsessing over. 

2. The Surfer Girl

Show off your love of the beach with some cute and totally simple shell earrings.

3. The Scientist

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but you can bring them back into style by with these fabulous DIY dinosaur earrings

4. The Flower Child

These rose earrings are adorbs for you flower obsessed chicas and they're super easy to make.

5. The Fashionista

Have you ever wanted to take an outfit you love straight from the magazine and wear it? These DIY magazine earrings are the next best thing

6. The Foodie

Your favorite candy can now be a sweet treat for your ears with these candy wrapper earrings.

7. The Girly Girl

No girly outfit is complete without glitter. These simple glitter earrings do the trick.

8. The Spunky Girl

Unleash your quirky side with these zipper earrings that are ridiculously easy to make.

9. The Naturalist

Give Mother Nature the ode she deserves with these simply chic leaf earrings.

10. The Musician

Your inner rock star will shine through with the guitar pick earrings.

11. The Animal Lover

These clay husky earrings are a little difficult to make, but they're a must for any animal lover.

12. The Disney Lover

 Mickey Mouse Earrings – 

This tutorial gives you a few different ways you can show off your love for Mickey Mouse. 


What earrings are you excited to make? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share your DIY earrings with Sweety High.