6 DIY Character-Inspired Earring Projects For Your Inner Fangirl

Are your accessories seriously lacking these days?

We feel your pain. That's why we came up with a few new DIY earring projects that will change all that.

These fun, character-inspired crafts aren't your typical accessories, but that's what we love about them! Scroll through if you're looking to change things up while still repping your inner fangirl.

1. Deathly Hallows Earrings

Every true Harry Potter fan needs a pair of these in their life. Conjure up your own set of deathly hallows with these simple wire earrings. Watch the tutorial on how to make them below.

2. Adventure Time Earrings

The real adventure comes when you start embracing the awesomeness of Shrinky Dinks. This neat and crafty paper lets you create virtually any character you want if you have a picture and an oven. We just had to share our fave Adventure Time characters Finn and Jake as the example. Read how to make them HERE.

DIY adventure time earrings

(via Jennuine)


3. Mickey Mouse Earrings

Another awesome use for shrink plastic includes making adorable Mickey Mouse earrings out of it. You'll need a few supplies for THESE rainbow beauties, but they're obviously worth the effort. These are required wearing for every future Disney trip.

DIY Mickey Mouse earrings

(via 100 Directions)


4. Moana-Inspired Earrings

Now you can look and feel like your fave Disney princess Moana in these floral earrings. Use clip-on backings or studs for these babies and you're good to go. Catch the tutorial below.

5. Luna Lovegood's Radish Earrings

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could have a pair of Luna Lovegood's rad radish earrings (see what we did there)? We do all the time. That dream can now become a reality using THESE instructions.

luna lovegood radish earrings

(via Doodle Craft Blog)


6. Captain America Earrings

We will always be first to praise the many uses of nail polish and Marvel of course. These Captain America earrings are no different. Using nail polish, you can paint a couple of shields and make them into accessories you can wear every day. Peep the tutorial below.


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