8 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate This Year's Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday is coming up and we all know that means: candy, Easter eggs and more candy.

While taking your (short) treat breaks this week, you'll need a good DIY project to get you into the Easter spirit. That's where these gorgeous egg designs come in.

Scroll through for top notch decorating ideas that guarantee epic results.

1. Sprinkle Easter Eggs

More candy is necessary for THESE amazing Easter eggs, but we didn't think you'd have any complaints. You might as well put those extra sweets to good use (if there are even any leftover at all).

DIY sprinkle Easter eggs

(via Studio DIY)


2. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

You already know how we feel about the wonders of washi tape. Its many uses now include Easter egg decorating, so hop on it using THIS tutorial.

DIY washi tape Easter eggs

(via Lovely Indeed)


3. Water Color Easter Eggs

We've never been the best painters, but we think THIS is something we can do. Craft these gorgeous flower eggs using only water colors and pure imagination.

DIY water color Easter eggs

(via Craftberry Bush)


4. Marbled Indigo Easter Eggs

If painting isn't really your thing, you have to try making THESE marble designs. All you need is a little nail polish! We'll warn you, it can get a bit messy, but it's totally worth it in the end.

DIY marbled indigo Easter eggs

(via Alice & Lois)


5. Robin's Egg Blue Easter Eggs

THIS insanely beautiful shade of robin's egg blue is one of our all-time favorite colors and there's no way we could leave it off the list. This shade of blue with gold accents puts actual robin eggs to shame.

DIY robin egg blue Easter eggs

(via Honestly Yum)


6. Paper Napkin Easter Eggs

Yes, there is a way to put your prettiest napkin designs on an Easter egg. THIS how-to guide gives you the lowdown on everything you'll need for these little beauties.

DIY paper napkin Easter eggs

(via Martha Stewart)


7. Cupcake Easter Eggs

Surprise! It's not an egg, it's a cupcake. Really wow the whole fam with THESE delicious cupcakes disguised as Easter eggs. They might take a while to perfect, but you have to do it for the 'gram amirite?

Cupcake Easter eggs

(via Cupcake Project)


8. Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Eggs

Have even more fun by going dark. Turn up a black light or two and go crazy with your designs using THESE instructions.

Glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs

(via Growing a Jeweled Rose)


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