These Are Without A Doubt The 13 Cutest Easter Eggs To Ever Exist

Happy Easter?❤️? ! Have you decorated some Easter eggs yet?! If not, it's not too late! We went on the search for THE cutest eggs and we had to share 13 of the most ~amazing~ ones we found for you to either recreate or just look at. Because, tbh, they're all just a little too adorable too eat.

1. These emoji inspired eggs are actually so perfect, we can't even handle them. We already know which one we'd make first…?.

Emoji Easter Eggs

You can totally make them yourself HERE. There actually aren't that many steps!

(via StudioDIY)


2. UM, are you in love? These adorably happy little ice cream eggs are beyond cute. The best part is all you really to make them is some paint and a couple of markers. EASY!

Ice Cream Easter Eggs

Follow the instructions HERE.

(via KarasPartyIdeas)


3. OK. Fruit and veggie Easter eggs? We're a little obsessed. Please go run to the nearest craft store like RN.

Fruits and Veggies Eggs

The tutorial for making these bad boys can be found HERE.

(via Brit + Co)


4.  DONUT EASTER EGGS, I REPEAT, DONUT EASTER EGGS. Not as good as the real thing, but dangerously close, amirite?

Donut Easter Eggs

The instructions for these are HERE?.

(via KarasPartyIdeas)


5. Let's just take a sec to admire these cactus eggs, shall we? I mean, c'mon, total cuteness.

Cactus Easter Eggs

Click HERE to find out what you'll need to make these crazy eggs.

(via Delia Creates)


6. All who agree that these galaxy Easter eggs are out of this world raise your hand ?. These may take a bit more time (and a lot of paint), but SO worth it.

Galaxy Easter Eggs

Try making these yourself HERE.

(via Dream A Little Bigger)


7. The best part about these typography eggs is that they do all the talking for you. If you have some time and something to say, these are the eggs for you obviously!

Typography Easter Eggs

Instructions can be found HERE.

(via Lovely Indeed)


8. These simple glitter eggs are superrrr easy. Bonus points because they sparkle ✨.

Glitter Easter Eggs

Get your glitter on HERE.

(via The Girl Inspired)


9. Hello, amazing graffiti eggs. Simple and chic. Brb, we're gonna go make them.

Graffiti Eggs

Get the break down on how to make these HERE.

(via Paper & Stitch)


10. Alright. We freaked out when we saw these Frozen inspired eggs. Are they not just everything?!

Disney Frozen Inspired Easter Eggs

If you're feeling ambitious, follow the directions to make these HERE.

(via A Pumpkin And A Princess)


11. We're pretty sure that these ? eggs are the most adorable thing we've seen all day. They really only require a few craft items. SCORE.

Easy Bunny Eggs

See what you need to make these HERE.

(via Urban Jane)


12. If you love animal print half as much as we do, these Lisa Frank inspired eggs will speak to you. So wonderfully colorful ?!!!

Animal Print Lisa Frank Easter Eggs

Make them by following instructions HERE.

(via Studio DIY)


13. And we saved the best for last beacause, HELLO, these gumball machine Easter eggs are just plain insane. We applaud anyone who takes the time to make them.

Gumball Machine Easter Eggs

You'll have to follow the tutorial HERE.

(via A Joyful Riot)



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