A DIY Alternative to the Expensive Embellished Sock Trend

Embellished socks have been popping up everywhere.

From runways in Milan to the feet of our fave "it" girls, we knew we had to get ahead of this trend. But, one look at our bank account sent us searching for an alternative to the expensive versions you can buy from designers.

A quick trip to the fabric store had us covered with the best supplies to tackle the project. The shopping list included ribbon, a pack of tiny crystal rhinestones, glue, needles and thread.

Read on to figure out how to nail the embellished sock trend for only a few bucks!

DIY Sock Project

1. Pick the Sock "Base"

The first step for this project is picking out the actual pair of socks you would like to embellish. We settled on a baby blue duo with see-thru details.

Sock DIY project

2. Arrange Your Materials

An organized work area will always guarantee a great project. I assembled my materials in a large table and made sure everything was easy to reach. I placed a barrier between the table and the project to ensure no glue would damage the surface.

3. Prepare the Ribbon

After you've laid out your materials, measure out a 3-foot piece of ribbon and cut it at the mark. In order to prevent fraying in the future, quickly run a lighter (with the help of an adult) on the edge of the ribbon that was cut. This will seal the materials and prevent stringy accidents later.

Lighter on ribbon

4. Affix the Rhinestones

Think about what tiny design you would like to "draw" out with the rhinestones. We picked an "S" and a "H" for Sweety High. An easy and beautiful idea is picking your initials just like we did! Place a drop of glue onto a plastic surface you won't mind throwing away later (hint: Used bottle caps work great for this). Using your fingers or tweezers, dip the rhinestones back in glue. Quickly place the glue-dipped stone onto the place in the ribbon you want to stick. Repeat this until you reach your desired shape. Let the ribbon stand for 1-3 hours or until the glue is dry.


5. Secure the Ribbon

After your design has dried, fold the ribbon exactly in half. Grab the half mark and place it in the sock area that will cover your Achilles heel (as seen in the picture above). Secure the ribbon with a needle and thread. If you don't know how to sew, feel free to dab on a drop of glue and allow it to dry. Both methods work well.


6. Criss-Cross the Ribbon

Now that the ribbon is affixed to the back of the sock, criss-cross the ribbon to create a ballerina effect. Secure it with a simple bow in the back. Voila! You are now ready to rock your own pair of embellished socks.

DIY sock project

DIY sock project


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