Keep Your Skin Feeling Refreshed and Clean With These DIY Facial Toner Recipes

One of the easiest ways to take care of your skin is using facial toners on the reg.

They do so much without you having to really do anything other than spray or massage them onto your face.

If you need some toner, scroll below for seven easy-to-make DIY recipes.

DIY Rose Water Facial Toner

Utterly refreshing, this toner is the perfect remedy for anyone suffering from dry skin. Requiring rose water, witch hazel and a few other essential oils, it's pretty easy to make. Find the full recipe HERE.

DIY rose water facial toner from Tips for Her

(via Tips for Her)


DIY Skin Brightening Facial Toner

Made with lots of lemon juice and a bit of witch hazel, this facial toner will keep your skin glowing throughout the day. HERE's the full recipe and tutorial.

DIY brightening facial toner recipe from Shwin & Shwin

(via Shwin & Shwin)


DIY Aloe Vera and Cucumber Facial Toner

Perfect for sunburnt skin, this aloe vera and cucumber facial toner will keep your irritated complexion nice and cool. You'll definitely want to carry this bad boy with you everywhere you go. You can find the recipe HERE.

DIY aloe vera and cucumber facial toner recipe from Live Eat Learn

(via Live Eat Learn)


DIY Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner

Got acne-prone skin? This is the toner for you! With its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil will clear up your skin in no time. Peep the tutorial HERE.

DIY tea tree oil facial toner recipe from One Crazy Mom

(via One Crazy Mom)


DIY Sea Salt Facial Toner

Another toner that will help clear your complexion almost instantly, this sea salt-based spray will also give your skin plenty of nutrients, too. HERE are all the other ingredients you'll need to whip up a batch.

DIY sea salt facial toner from Wellness Mama

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DIY Marigold Facial Toner

Marigolds are more than just a gorgeous flower. In this toner, they work to sooth irritated skin. Follow the instructions HERE to make yourself this toner.

DIY marigold facial toner recipe from Mary Makes Good

(via Mary Makes Good)


DIY Lavender and Orange Facial Toner

Need help falling asleep at night? Spritz some of this lavender and orange facial toner on your face before you go to bed. The full recipe for this amazing toner can be found HERE.

DIY lavender and orange facial toner from Design Love Fest

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You're probably wondering if these DIY skincare recipes actually work. Well, HERE's what happened when we used a DIY face wash for a week.