7 Necessary DIYs for the Perfect Fall-Themed Party

Fall has arrived in all its glory and perfection. This is surely cause for a celebration, right?

Ready your taste buds and crafting supplies because we're rolling out the official how-to guide on throwing the best fall fete possible.

Scroll down for a few necessary things you'll need to make this your best season yet.

1. Pretzel Pumpkins

If you don't think this is the cutest snack idea ever then I'm not really sure you're truly about that fall life. These little twists are a great snack to get in the spirit of the season. Warning: These are so easy to make, you might completely overload and eat a ton in one sitting. View the full recipe HERE.

pumpkin pretzels

(via About.com)


2. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Does this even need an explanation? Because PSL's are the perfect fall staple, we thought it was time we gifted you with a simple, yet delicious recipe HERE. You're welcome.

pumpkin spice latte

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3. Scented Spice Candles

Nothing says 'tis the season like spiced candles. Store-bought ones are great, but why not make your own fabulously scented beauties right at home? You'll probably need some parental assistance, but the sweet-smelling aroma of fall will obviously be worth it in the end. Read the how-to HERE.

fall scented spice candles

(via Little House Living)


4. Harvest Hash Trail Mix

Tons of snackage is necessary at any party, but make it one worthy of the season with this simple—yet, oh so sweet—mix. Find the recipe HERE.

harvest hash trail mix

(via The House of Hendrix)


5. Cozy Candle Holders

Now that you have some gorgeous and sweet-smelling candles to brighten up your room, whip up a few holders to keep them nice and cozy. The design possibilities are endless, but this one in particular just screams fall. Read the tutorial HERE.

cozy candle holders

(via Midwest Living)


6. Leaf Art

If you haven't checked out Joanna Wirazka's Instagram account, you're missing out. She makes gorgeous leaf art that is the epitome of the fall season. Obviously we can't all be as talented as her, but as another fun project, you can totally find a few leaves outside and paint your own however you desire.


7. Fall Wreath

Putting together a wreath seems complicated, but this tutorial keeps it cute and simple. As a plus, it will look super fabulous anywhere in your house. Follow the instructions to craft this decoration HERE.

fall wreath

(via Country Living)


Now that your decorations and taste buds are officially prepped for fall, it's time to check out THESE hats you can DIY and wear all season long.