7 DIY Father's Day Gifts That Will Make You Dad's Favorite!

With Father's Day on Sunday, it's important you do something rad for dad!

That's why we came up with seven DIY gift ideas that will help you impress pop without breaking the bank.

Scroll below and get ready to start crafting!


1. Tie-riffic Candy Bars

These easy-to-make candy bar holders are the perfect way to send dad a sweet little message this Father's Day. See the full tutorial HERE.

Tie-themed Father's Day chocolate

(via Bits of Everything)

2. Batman Notebook

Because dad is the #1 superhero in your life, make him an awesome notebook that Batman himself would be completely envious of. Read the instructions HERE.

DIY Batman Notebook for Father's Day

(via The Crafty Goddess)


3. BBQ Apron

Because dad's going to need something to wear for those backyard family BBQ's, why not make him a cool apron? You might need a little help from mom, but you can use any material you think dad will love. Find the instructions HERE.

DIY BBQ apron for Father's Day

(via Momtastic)


4. Candy-Filled Tie Pots

These tie pots are simple but still completely adorable. Fill 'em up with all of dad's favorite candy and you're good to go! Read the tutorial HERE.

Candy-filled DIY pots for Father's Day

(via Make It & Love It)


5. Button Bow Tie

This cute and creative twist on the classic bow tie is a fun and easy gift you can make. See the full instructions HERE.

DIY button bowtie for Father's Day

(via Morning Creativity)


6. Photo Coasters

These crafty little coasters can be made up of your cutest family photos. It's perfect for dad and his morning coffee. Read the full tutorial HERE.

DIY photo coasters you can make your dad for Father's Day

(via Juggling with Kids)


7. Painted Plaque

Paint a sweet message on a plaque for dad's office or desk. You'll need a few supplies for this one, but the final product will be 100% worth it. See the tutorial HERE.

DIY painted frame you can make your dad for Father's Day

(via The Rit Studio)


These are all cute for dad, but don't let the DIY party stop just yet. If you're looking for the perfect summer project, you're going to want to click HERE.