Make Your Own Unique Fidget Spinner With One of These DIY Tutorials

Fidget spinners are having a moment, and we're guessing you already have plenty of your own.

But who's to say you can't add to your collection? Not us, that's for sure.

Rather than buying the same old fidget spinners everyone else has, DIY one of your very own following the tutorials below.

Happy spinning!

DIY Cardboard Fidget Spinner

Your design possibilities are endless when it comes to this tutorial. Think about all of the amazing prints you can create on your fidget spinners. All you really need for this tutorial is cardboard, toothpicks, quarters, some glue and you're pretty much set. Find the full tutorial HERE.

DIY cardboard fidget spinners

(via Red Ted Art)


DIY Bearings Fidget Spinner

You may be able to find some random bearings in your garage, just ask your mom or dad. Other than that, some super glue is needed to make this fidget spinner. HERE is the full tutorial.

DIY bearings fidget spinner

(via All for the Boys)


DIY Beaded Fidget Spinner

You can use any sort of beads you'd like to create this simple yet chic fidget spinner. We'll totally make ours with rainbow beads.


DIY Glitter Fidget Spinner

Glitter anything is always the way to go, so this sparkly fidget spinner will definitely be added to our collection. Can you believe it's made using water bottle caps?


DIY Magnetic Fidget Spinner

This tutorial isn't entirely easy and requires some parental help, but it'll leave you with one awesome fidget spinner. Once it's done, you'll be able to put just about anything on the outside of it. Follow the instructions HERE.

DIY magnetic fidget spinner

(via Instructables)


DIY Duct Tape Fidget Spinner

Duct tape is something everyone always has and it comes in a billion different patterns, so no two DIY duct tape fidget spinners will ever be alike. Find the full tutorial HERE.

DIY duct tape fidget spinners

(via Instructables)


DIY LEGO Fidget Spinner

You could build and build and build on this LEGO-fied fidget spinner. Put little LEGO people on the end and take them for a spin, what do you say? You can find the tutorial for this bad boy HERE.

DIY LEGO fidget spinner

(via Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls)


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