Try This Cute Flower DIY on Your Face for Your Next Music Festival

Sure, flower crowns might be a bit passé for festival season, but that doesn't mean you have to omit flowers from your festival look all together!

Instead of rocking them on your head, try sporting them on your face.

This cute and easy DIY will add major festival fairy vibes to any look and they will stay put all day and night while you dance to your fave tunes. Grab your girls and follow our easy face fabric flower tutorial below:

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

Here's what you'll need: small fabric flowers, eyelash glue, and tweezers. I got two different fabric flower packets from my local Michaels that cost $8 total. Then I headed to CVS to pick up some cheap eyelash glue for $4. Because eyelash glue is meant to be used on the skin, this is definitely the safest choice. I had a pair of tweezers at home.

DIY Items Fabric Flowers Eyelash Glue Tweezers


Step 2: Squeeze Lash Glue on Hand and Let Sit For One Minute

This step might sound weird, but you want to squeeze a quarter-sized portion of lash glue onto the back of your hand, and then let it sit for about a minute. Letting the glue sit allows it to get tacky, which actually makes it easier to apply. If you don't let it sit, the formula can be super watery and your flowers can slip around on your face. P.S. Same rule applies when you're applying fake lashes.

eyelash glue on hand


Step 3: Apply Fabric Flowers to Face

Using tweezers, dip the fabric flower into the lash glue, and then apply directly to the skin. I started right next to my eye, and worked down, and then worked up. Then I moved on to my second side.

You should have fun with it! This is where the magic and creativity happens.

Tweezers Fabric glue

Start adding fabric flowers to face with eyelash glue

Add more fabric flowers to face

Add flowers to other side of face

Side view face fabric flower DIY


Step 4: Add a Few in Your Hair

Because… why not? Complete your festival fairy vibes by adding a few flowers in your hair with the same method. And, voila—you're done!

Flowers in hair Finale

Final Face Fabric Flower DIY


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