Best DIY Craft Ideas for Recyclable Glass Jars

We use glass so much we sometimes don't even think twice about tossing the empty spaghetti sauce jar into the recycle bin.

Next time you head for the trash, think about saving your empty glass jars because we've rounded up the cutest ideas for up-cycling them.

From vases to candles, you'll be digging through your recycle bin in no time trying to find your next project. With the holidays around the corner, you can also use jars to make personalized gifts.


Oil Candles

DIY Jar candles(via Shabbyfufu)

Candles are not only a perfect gift, but also a great decor element to any table or stand. Nevertheless, those pretty department store candles can go for $20 dollars a pop! But making them, on the other hand, is only a few dollars and takes a couple minutes of your time. Head to your craft store and buy floating candle wicks. Then, fill almost all of your empty jars with flowers from your garden. Leave one inch free at the top. Next, fill the jar with water until the flowers are completely covered. Lastly, pour oil (yes, just regular oil) over the water and add the wick. Because oil and water don't mix, the oil will burn like a candle at the top, leaving your flowers free to float at the bottom.

Craft Containers

Jar DIY Cloth Covered(via Martha Stewart)

Storing your craft materials can be a messy pain. This hack will help you stay organized while looking chic. Wash your empty glass jar and remove any labels. Next, pick out cute cloth swatches with patterns that you like. Grab the lid and place it on top of the cloth swatch, and then, cut a circle larger than the lid. Next, glue the circle to the lid and tuck in the excess cloth. Voila! In a couple of minutes you made a cute container for your craft supplies.


Candy Jars

Jar DIY(via Pinterest)

Nothing is as cool as old-school candy jars. For a modern twist on this old favorite, collect various jars in different sizes. Purchase small plastic toys, glue and paint at the dollar store. Next, glue the small toys to the jar lids. Paint over both the lid and the plastic toy. Allow it to dry. Next, fill your jars with colorful candy and stand them next to each other. You can do this at your next party so guests can enjoy a sweet treat.


Picture Frames

DIY Picture frames(via Listotic)

This is perhaps the easiest DIY gift ever! Print out a picture that you love or want to gift. Then, pick a glass jar with a similar size. Insert the picture backwards and then stand the jar on its lid. You have a homemade picture frame in no time! For extra personalization, write a note on the back of the printed picture. It will be a keepsake the receiver will always love.


Vase With Raised Letters

DIY Jar vase(via Studio5)

Using puffy paint or a hot glue gun, write a personal message or word on an empty, clean jar. Let it dry overnight. Next, paint over the letters and the jar with your favorite colors. Fill the jars with water and insert a couple of blooms. If you have a cake stand, you can cluster the vases for a great table centerpiece.


Bathroom Storage Containers

DIY Jar container(via Tori Jayne)

Raise your hand if you always have trouble finding your hair ties or bobby pins! For a couple of dollars, you can transform your bathroom space and organize all of your bathroom & beauty products. Head to the hardware store and buy drawer pulls. Have one of your parents help make a hole through the top of a jar lid. Paint the jar lids in contrasting colors and let them dry overnight. Next, insert the drawer pull through the hole. You are now ready to start organizing!


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