The 7 Coolest DIY Workouts We've Seen Online Amid Quarantine

If you can't go to the gym, just bring the gym to you!

With commercial gyms still closed amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people around the world have had to get a little creative with their workouts. More specifically, some gym-goers have created makeshift fitness facilities and routines inside their homes that are safe and nearly as good as the real thing.

Scroll down to see the coolest DIY workouts we've come across online amid quarantine.

An Outdoor Gym in Ohio

When coronavirus crisis shut down most gyms across the country in March, Ohio resident Zachary Skidmore took matters into his own hands and built his own exercise equipment using tree trunks, logs and more. Dubbed the "lumber jacked gym," the impressive outdoor space boasts a makeshift treadmill, weights and other sweat-breaking stations. It took Skidmore 60 hours over the course of two weeks to create.


A Workout Routine With Household Items

TikTok user Katelynn Lehman (katelynn.lehman) proved you don't actually need a whole home gym setup to get a good workout in. Instead of weights, Katelynn exercises with bottles of detergent and uses a large package of bottled water and a ton of Nesquik to strengthen her arms.

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No Gym? Grab a Chair

Instagram user @livelytune devised an entire workout routine using just a chair from a nearby room in her house. Believe it or not, this one piece of furniture can help you keep just about your whole body in shape thanks to a variety of different stretches and low-impact, yet effective, exercises you can do with it.

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Living Room = Gym

If you're looking for something a bit more involved, Instagram user @tildawn demonstrated how you can safely use several pieces of furniture in your home as workout equipment. A dining room table, for example, can help with pull-ups, while a bench can facilitate pushups and more.

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The Plank Challenge

Remember the plank challenge? Turns out the trendy TikTok maneuver, which can include going upstairs sideways, doubles as a great in-home workout when the gym is no longer an option. Just be careful making your way to the top!

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Work the Workout Band

If you've got a workout band at home, Instagram user @melaninfitspiration proved you can use it to basically craft a makeshift gym using your surroundings. For example, you can tie the band to a bench (or something equally steady) and use it to work your biceps and triceps. You can also use it to do lateral raises or torso twists.

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A Workout Without Leaving Your Room

Instagram user @hugobeefitness managed to get a solid workout in without ever leaving his bedroom. He used bottled water as weights, a bunk bed ladder for deadlifts and more.

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