DIY Halloween Costume of the Day- Day #4!

Halloween's closing in, and you STILL haven't threw together your costume? Lucky for you, I've been suggesting a way cute DIY costume every day. Today, I'll show you how to compile a girly take on the legendary Sherlock Holmes!

This is the perfect costume for a chilly Halloween night! Start with your favorite girly trench coat, and wear some dark leggings or skinny jeans. Feminine brogues will add to the classic vibe of your outfit, but if you don't have any, some black flats will work just as well!

Wear a cute plaid or dark-colored poncho over the coat for extra warmth and to look extra Sherlockian! The deerstalker cap really completes the look, but if you don't have one, any brown cap will do just fine.

Last but not least, carry around a magnifying glass, and inspect everything inside. You'll look like an ace detective for sure!


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