DIY Halloween Costume Of the Day- Day #5!

Halloween is in just TWO days, but if you're like millions of girls out there, you STILL don't have a Halloween costume ready! No fear, because I'll be suggesting easy-to-do costumes every day up until Halloween. You should have no trouble finding this stuff in your wardrobe and around the house!

Today's look is the oldie-but-goodie farmer costume, with a modern and funky twist! Start with a pair of hip overall shorts, and wear it over your cutest button-up plaid.

That's most of the outfit already! Don some cute brown, western-style booties, and of course a straw hat to make you look like the real thing!

Last but not least, see if your parents have any real garden implements you can tote around, and to hold all of your candy during trick-or-treating, carry around a pail topped with your favorite stuffed farm animal!

Any questions? Just let me know in the comments below, or on my page here!