DIY Halloween Costumes with Tracey- Day 2!

I'm back with another super simple Halloween idea! Today, I'm showing you how to throw together a really cute witch costume!

Start with your cutest little black dress. If you have another fab dress in a dark color, you could wear that! Pair the dress with your funkiest striped stockings to spice the look up, and don't forget to wear your pointiest pair of heels or flats so you can look super chic, yet super spooky!

Find a broom around the house to be your witch's broom. It doesn't have to be as witchy as the broom shown here. In fact, the less traditional your broom is, the more personality your outfit will have!

And of course, don't forget to top off your outfit with an adorable pointed witch's hat. If you have to buy one piece for this costume, the hat is the best investment!

If you'd like, you can throw on some green makeup and a wart or two. I happen to think some dramatic eye makeup and deep red lipstick complete the look best!